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The Wallpaper maker is a quick and easy way to see how various prints might look in different environments. Whether you are looking to add some style and texture to your restaurant, hotel, club, museum or are simply seeking to add a little ambience to your home with your own custom wallpaper designs, it is much easier to actually see the intended effect than it would be to imagine it.

To use this tool simply select the living/work space from the menu located on the left, then experiment with various patterns in the palette on the right. You may use your mouse to drag the pattern around and clicking and draggin up and down will zoom in or out, respectively.

The arrow keys may also be used to nudge the pattern into a more specific position. You can disable this feature by clicking on the "Move Image with Arrow Keys" checkbox.

When the pattern looks too big or small you can adjust its size with the "Pattern Size" slider located underneath the wallpaper swatch palette.

If you run across any issues or would like to see a feature added to our Wallpaper Maker, please feel free to contact us