Evolution of New York City - Part 10 (1940-1945)

Posted on February 10, 2013

A new decade has arrived on the cusp of global war. For the moment all skyscraping aspirations are on hold. Nightly "dim-downs" have become the norm, even in Times Square as New York strives to conserve its energy and resources. Military personnel are plentiful, keeping a watchful eye over sea and sky and mingling with the locals whenever duty allows. There is much tension throughout the city while the war rages, but also a sense of hope as the culture matures and flourishes. The jazz scene is at its apex, amazing artists and photographers are coming out of the woodwork and film/theater is becoming a thriving business. All of these factors attract hugely talented people, who use their gifts to smooth out the bumpy ride that would come to an triumphant end in 1945. When the dust finally clears, the city will lead the nation once again as an industrial powerhouse, ushering in a new era of prosperity, growth and promise.


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Evolution of New York City

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