Evolution of New York City - Part 8 (1930-1935)

Posted on January 30, 2013

It's the most challenging chapter in New York's colorful history. The Great Depression has taken its toll on the city. With record job loss, homelessness and crime on the rise, it's one giant hangover after the wild partying of the 20s. Despite these trying times, there are still reasons to stay optimistic. Prohibition is overturned, making alcohol legal to serve once again, and not a moment too soon since a stiff drink is understandable within these circumstances.

The city's skyline also receives a major upgrade in the form of the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, and several other ambitious projects which herald midtown's art deco revival. There is still a ways to go however; while these impressive buildings inspire the awe of city dwellers for miles around, they are yet to be leased due to the lack of capital. The Empire State Building is jokingly dubbed "The Empty State Building" by disenfranchised New Yorkers, and shanty towns erupt throughout the five boroughs just as quickly as their Madison Avenue counterparts. Yet the city marches on as the populace weathers the storm, confident that better days are ahead.


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Evolution of New York City

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