Evolution of New York City - Part 9 (1935-1940)

Posted on February 05, 2013

With most of its iconic skyline in place, the Big Apple is all set to emerge from the financial challenges of the early 30s. Under the leadership of Mayor LaGuardia there is a widespread effort underway to make the city more attractive to tourists and residents alike. The elevated subway stations which have cast their shadows on the streets for decades are coming down in favor of underground subway lines. Communities take full advantage of the scores of new parks and pools that have recently opened. More tunnels, bridges and highways are built, opening the city up to suburban commuters.

In 1937, the World Series draws massive crowds as the Yankees take home the title. Even greater crowds flock to the 1939 World's Fair, an event for which no expense was spared. All of these events coincide with the influx of refugees escaping the Nazi threat in Europe. By 1940, the drums of war can be heard throughout the nation and the Empire City prepares itself to launch another great era of industrialization.


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Evolution of New York City

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