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R2D2 Vehicle Wrap for a VW Bus

May 18th, 2015

Ever since the public release of its latest trailer, The Force Awakens has rekindled Star Wars fever to a level we haven't seen since those prequels came out over a decade ago. In keeping with that spirit, San Diego artist César Aguzzoli has posted an ambitious instructables page detailing how to decorate a classic VW bus with an R2D2 motif. Using detailed schematics of R2's outer shell, César has mapped everything down to the last detail and retrofitted the design to perfectly match the shape and size of the bus. While installation of any vinyl wrap does come with a unique set of challenges, the simple and straightforward printing process makes the design more accessible than one would expect. César also does an admirable job laying out the whole process for anyone else looking to give their VW bus that decorative touch from a galaxy far, far away.

R2D2 VW Bus Wrap

R2D2 VW Bus Wrap

R2D2 VW Bus Wrap

R2D2 VW Bus Wrap

R2D2 VW Bus Wrap

R2D2 VW Bus Wrap

You can see more images and download the files for yourself at the official R2D2 VW Bus Instructables page.

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