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The Pencil Book by Salavat Fidai

The Pencil Book by Salavat Fidai
November 10th, 2015Not too long ago we featured Salavat Fidai - a meticulous sculptor from Russia whose skill for turning pencil graphite into tiny and amazingly intricate sculptures gave the artist instant fame in the online art and design world. Since that post, Salavat has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund publishing of "The Pencil Book" - a full collection of his works compiled in a hardcover book worthy of any coffee table. Barely more than a week into his campaign and he's already more than halfway towards his goal. Given the response we got from our previous post we think a lot of our readers will be interested in securing their own exclusive copy of this fabulous book.

In the meantime we hope you enjoy these videos of the artist at work. He makes it all look so easy! It's mesmerizing to watch.

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