Glossary of Printing Terms:
Aspect Ratio

  1. In monitors, the ratio of the number of horizontal pixels to the number of vertical pixels displayed on the screen.

  2. In digital cameras, the image sensor resolution calculation which provides the dimension of the digital image or the image output to print.

3.The ratio of width to height in photographic prints – 2:3 in 35 mm pictures to produce photographs most commonly measuring 3.5 × 5 inches or 4 × 6 inches; Advanced Photo System cameras deliver three aspect ratios as selected by the user.

  1. In postal regulations, the length of the mailing piece divided by the height of the mailing piece, the length being parallel to the mailing address.

  2. In regard to barcode symbols, The ratio of height to width of a bar code symbol. A code twice as high as wide would have an aspect ratio of 2; a code twice as wide as high would have an aspect ratio of 1/2 or 0.5.

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