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The generic top-level domain for educational institutions, primarily those in the United States.

Created in January 1985 as one of the first top-level domains, .edu was originally intended for educational institutions anywhere in the world.

With few exceptions, however, only those in the United States registered such domains, while educational institutions in other countries usually used domain names under the appropriate country code TLD.

In some countries a second-level domain is used to indicate an educational institutions (e.g. in Mexico, in Australia, and in the United Kingdom) and in others only the country code is used (e.g. in Canada and Germany).

In Germany, the second-level domain often has a prefix indicating the kind of institution (uni for Universitat, fh for Fachhochschule, for instance and or, if there several institutions of the same type, the abbreviation of the institutions name (for instance, and for the three Berlin universities).

Examples of non-US .edu domain is the French, the Belgian, the Swedish, Kosovo or the Indian

Many institutions whose primary sites are located in local second-level domains run mirror sites in the .edu domain, such as mirroring

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