Glossary of Printing Terms:

Terminology used to define technologies for displaying fonts on monitors and other output devices.

Developed by Adobe, Type 1 defines character shapes mathematically irrespective of size as curves using cubic Bezier polynomials.

A program known as a rasterizer generates the characters as screen images in the required size and suitable for the resolution of the output device.

The system also forms part of the Postscript system for defining the graphical form of documents and is therefore prevalent in the prepress industry.

TrueType is a similar process that is used for Macintosh computers and the Windows operating system.

This technology uses simpler quadratic B-splines for defining the characters.

There have been attempts to converge Type 1 and TrueType, and as a result Version 3 of the Postscript system now also supports TrueType technology.

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