Custom Banner Printing

On the street you’ve got about two seconds to grab people’s attention. Make the most of it by printing your own custom vinyl banner with vivid colors, crisp graphics and a material that will endure the weather and elements.

From indoor spaces to outdoor displays, our custom large format banners are a simple, fast and cost effective way to add eye-catching graphics to your business or event. Installs easily with grommets or pole pockets.


Oversize Banner Printing

Construction Sites • Scaffold Banners • Detour Signs • Outdoor Advertising

How Banner
Printing Works

The Material

Our banners are made of a durable vinyl mesh coated on both side with a matte or gloss finish. Designed to weather the elements and resist tearing, they are perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Process

We use large format digital presses, very similar to the inkjet technology most people know but at larger scale and resolution (1200dpi). We also print using UV solvent inks which resist color fading from time or sun exposure.

Common Sizes & Formats

We print any custom size, vertical or horizontal up to 4’ x 8’

2' x 4'610 x 1219mm
2' x 6'610 x 1829mm
2' x 8'610 x 2438mm
3' x 4'914 x 1219mm
3' x 6'914 x 1829mm
3' x 8'914 x 2438mm

Banner Accessories & Extras

Banner Grommets

Installation doesn’t get any easier. Tie your banner up with rope, bungee cords, hooks, etc.

Pole Pocket Banners

A simple seam along the length of your banner makes it easy to hang from one or more poles.

Double Sided Banners

Two surfaces are printed and stiched together to provide a robust banner with full color on both sides.

Popular Uses for Custom Banners

Retail & Promotional Merchandising

Special Offers & Sales • Seasonal Decoration • Section Markers • Branding/Marketing

Airport Signage & Advertisements

Passenger Greetings • Maps & Directions • Service Notices • Public Accouncements

Frequently Asked Questions

What material are your custom banners made of?
Our custom banners are made of durable vinyl scrim material, ensuring long-lasting quality.
Are the inks used in printing fade-resistant?
Yes, we use UV inks that are fade-resistant, making our banners ideal for outdoor use.
What size options do you offer for custom banners?
We offer various size options, and our banners can be printed up to 4x8 feet.
Can I use these banners outdoors in different weather conditions?
Absolutely! Our custom banners are designed to withstand bad weather and remain intact even in harsh outdoor conditions.
Do you provide design services, or should I provide my own artwork?
We offer both options. You can either provide your own artwork, or our design team can help create a custom design for you.
What is the typical turnaround time for printing custom banners?
Turnaround time may vary depending on order volume, but we typically turn them around within 1-2 business days.
Can I add grommets or hems to the banners for easy installation?
Yes, we offer grommets and hems as additional options for easy installation and added durability.
Do you offer single-sided or double-sided printing for the banners?
We provide both single-sided and double-sided printing options based on your requirements.
If I order with grommets how many of them will be on my banner?
Grommets will be placed on all four corners then every 2 feet of distance.
Can I use custom banners for indoor purposes as well?
Yes, our custom banners are versatile and can be used indoors and outdoors, depending on your needs.
What file format should my artwork be in for the best print quality?
We recommend submitting artwork in high-resolution formats like PDF, JPEG, or PNG for the best print results.
Can I see a proof of the banner before it goes into production?
Yes, we provide proofs for your approval before starting the printing process to ensure your satisfaction. Please note that this will affect overall turnaround time significantly.
Do you offer installation services for larger banners?
While we don't provide installation services, our team can guide you on the best practices for installing larger banners.
What are the care instructions for maintaining the banners?
To prolong the life of your banners, we recommend cleaning them with mild soap and water and storing them properly when not in use.
Can I use my banner for multiple events, or are they for one-time use only?
Our custom banners are designed for durability, making them suitable for multiple uses and events.
Can I customize the shape of the banners, or are they only available in standard shapes?
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