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Frequently Asked Questions

Wallpaper Material and Sample Questions

What is the wallpaper material made of?

Our wallcoverings are comprised mostly of fabric-backed vinyl. This allows for greater strength and durability for both residential and commercial environments. The wallpapers come in a wide variety of textures which are so well fabricated that most people cannot distinguish that these are actually vinyl. As an added bonus, this material can survive and weather high traffic areas and is very easy to clean and maintain.

Can I see a proof or sample before final production?

Absolutely! In fact we recommend this service for every wallpaper job in order to ensure satisfaction with the print, materials and finish before ordering mass quantities. In addition, we can provide samples on any number of different materials and textures from the collection listed above so that you can pick and choose your favorites and decide in person which of the materials is best suited to your particular project.

Is it possible to print custom wallpapers for textured walls?

It is generally not recommended to apply wallpaper to walls with too much texture as the paper may not adhere correctly. Rough textures often create gaps or spaces which can lead to poor adhesion, bubbling and a number of other issues throughout the lifespan of your wallpaper. For optimal installation, the wall surface should be flat, clean and free of irregularities. For the best results we also recommend that the walls are properly primed and prepared for wallpaper.

How safe and durable is the wallpaper?

Our printable wallcoverings are manufactured by Dreamscape Walls and have been thoroughly tested for all aspects of safety, including air quality, fire resistance, and all standard building codes, regardless of what industry you're in. You can see a full list of these tests on our Certifications Page

What is the largest wallpaper roll you can print?

We stock rolls up to 54" wide by 10 yards long. Custom oversized rolls can be ordered for projects requiring larger surfaces. Ask one of our specialists what options could be available to you.

Wallpaper Printing Process

How do you ensure print quality in custom wallpapers?

Our quality control measures are extensive and designed to ensure that every detail and color are printed with accuracy. From the start, we carefully examine all client submitted artwork for print readiness (Are the colors in CMYK? Is the resolution and image summary quality high enough? Is the size set correctly?) Once that inspection has been cleared, we compile and layout a sample for the client to review online.

Upon approval, this sample is then printed onto the actual wallpaper material(s) of their choosing. If there is any color matching needed, either to replicate an existing print, or coordinate with decor, we will perform this task internally before shipping out a sample/proof for review.

The final rolls are only printed if the client is pleased with the sample. If not, then another round of proofs may be required to address their concerns. This is how our process successfully eliminates any unpleasant surprises when the client receives their order.

There are also times when this process is broken into separate stages due to client timelines. Because of this our presses are calibrated on a daily basis to ensure consistent results, even if a job is sitting in the queue for weeks or months at a time. In cases where the pause is significant we will often ship a brand new proof out just to be sure.

How do you handle intricate details in custom wallpaper designs?

Our workflow is state-of-the-art and designed from the ground up to handle a very high degree of detail. Our presses output at 1200dpi (dots per inch) which is fine enough to produce the finest of details, right down to a human hair. We also provide high resolution scanning services at 1000dpi for everything from artwork to oversized items like wallpaper, textiles, rugs, etc. Using such a high resolution at every stage of our process is how we are able to achieve prints of stunning clarity and detail.

Can Fine Print produce wallpapers with photographic quality?

We can actually do better than that. Provided the source artwork is of high resolution (1000dpi and up) we can actually enlarge photographs without significant loss of quality. People often use our photo enhancement services to enlarge pictures (up to 400-600%) into photowalls and murals while maintaining clarity and quality.

Can Fine Print assist in the design process for custom wallpapers?

Our staff includes pattern makers, illustrators and photo retouchers who are on hand to field any of your custom wallpaper needs. Whether you need to enhance some artwork or even come up with something from scratch, based only on a conversation, we are uniquely equipped to bring your vision to life. Our extensive background in advertising and marketing also ties nicely into branding efforts for commercial projects.

Wallpaper Colors & Inks

What type of ink is used in printing wallpaper?

We specialize in full color, CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black) printing and exclusively use photosensitive, UV-cured inks. A UV lamp is mounted on our press and simultaneously dries and cures the inks as they are printed. This leads to vibrant, fade resistant colors, and the added benefit of wallpaper rolls which are free from the toxic scent of inks which have not fully dried. THe use of these special inks ensure not just longevity of the prints but a clean and hypoallergenic environment for health-sensitive settings requiring an extra degree of air quality.

How does Fine Print ensure color fidelity in wallpaper printing?

For mission critical color applications, we use color systems such as Pantone, Benjamin Moore, Behr, RAL, etc. By using printed color books, its far more practical for us to reach a consensus on color and synchronize efforts between clients and press managers. If your wallpaper colors are important to duplicate correctly, either for a replication or to match elements of your home decor, we highly recommend purchasing or borrowing one of these color books to use as a starting point. NOTE: the more freshly printed the book is, the more accurate its colors will be. Try to avoid colorbooks which are older than 7-10 years old.

Using this basis of standardized colors our team undergoes a rigorous process of matching, requiring multiple points of view under the same lighting conditions, throughout different times of the day. We also recommend this practice for clients when they receive their samples. See how they look in daylight, at night, under different types of lighting as this is the best way to create the closest possible match.

Are there limitations in the color palette for custom wallpapers?

While CMYK printing can produce literally millions of colors there are some which are not attainable. The fact that we don't use metallic or fluorescent inks means those colors are not printable. There are also certain families of colors, particularly beiges and some of the more vibrant hues of orange or blue, which can be approximated but not fully achieved. Our familiarity with these edge cases allows us to let our clients know ahead of time how close we will be able to get on our press.

Can you provide solid color wallpapers to match my brand?

Yes we can. Using a custom color base material can significantly reduce your printing costs and improve the overall quality. If your project requires a solid background, choosing a colored material from the start is more cost-effective, saving on machine time and ink. Additional colors can be printed over this material without any issues.

To start custom color production, we need a color reference such as a Pantone code, paint swatch, or fabric swatch of the desired color. Our design team will evaluate if the color target is achievable and provide an estimate of cost and lead time. Please note that custom color productions are usually reserved for large run wallpaper projects and typically require a minimum order of 2,500 yards, though this can vary based on the color.

Wallpaper Installation & Care

Do you provide installation services?

No, we do not install wallpaper. Our shop handles design and print exclusively. Part of the reason we can guarantee such excellent quality is due to the focus we place on our craft. Installation is a whole other industry with its own challenges and considerations that we feel would detract us from our mission, which is to be a best-in-class printshop for wallpaper and large format printing.

Does Fine Print provide guidelines for wallpaper installation?

We regularly collaborate with contractors to facilitate installation, not only with articles on our blog, but also custom schematics and breakdowns for every custom job. You will receive a full schematic showing the coverage of the wallpaper, how they relate to the wall dimensions, and how they should be installed.

This process can become even more critical in wallpapers which do not use repetitive patterns. Murals, panoramas and photowalls in particular will require unique panels to be printed. We make the job of the installer a lot easier by labeling each panel in accordance with the PDF guide so that there are no mistakes or miscommunication about what needs to get installed where.

What type of adhesive works best with your wallpapers?

There are adhesives which work exceptionally well. From the brand name "Roman" we recommend Pro 880 Clear, Eco 888, Pro 838, Pro 774 or Pro 732. From he brand name "Zinsser" we recommend "Shieldz Mold & Mildew Proof" or "Sure Grip Heavy Duty Clear". You can read all about the these adhesives and how they stack up against each other in our blog post: Recommended Wallpaper Adhesives.

Is there a way that I can provide additional protection for my wallpaper?

Varnishes and topcoats are an ideal way to add a coating that will protect and add to the life of your wallpaper. If this is something you are interested in, then definitely check out our article: How Topcoats They Make Wallpapers More Durable

How do I care for and clean my wallpaper to ensure it lasts a long time?

For routine cleaning, use a soft, lint-free cloth or a duster to gently remove surface dust. For more thorough cleaning, especially for vinyl-based wallcoverings, a solution of mild soap and water is recommended. Apply the solution using a soft sponge, moving in a circular motion, and avoid excessive scrubbing which can damage the texture or finish. It's important to test any cleaning solution on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure it doesn't affect the color or texture.

For tougher stains, a slightly stronger detergent can be used, but always ensure it's suitable for vinyl surfaces. After cleaning with a soapy solution, rinse the area with a clean, damp cloth to remove any soap residue. Dry the surface gently with a soft towel. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, solvents, or concentrated chemicals, as these can harm the wallcovering's surface. Regular, gentle cleaning will preserve the integrity and appearance of your wallcoverings, ensuring they remain a vibrant part of your space for years to come.

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