UV Inks & CMYK Printing for Custom Wallpaper

UV inks represent a significant leap forward in printing technology. Known for their rapid curing time and exceptional durability, these inks have become a staple in modern printing, offering a combination of speed, quality, and environmental benefits that traditional inks can’t match. Combining them with the vast colorspace available from CMYK printing allows for a wide range of creative applications, from photography to traditional art and beyond.

  • Rapid Curing/Drying Process
  • Vivid, Durable & Accurate Colors
  • Ideal for Indoor Air Quality
  • Smudge, Scratch & Fade Resistant

Bring Your Wallpaper Colors to Life

Make a bold and vivid statement with hues that go the distance


A Brief Overview of Features

Understanding the Printing Process

UV ink printing is a sophisticated process that requires specialized equipment. The inks are applied to the wallpaper substrate using inkjet technology, and as the printed material passes under UV lamps, the inks cure almost instantaneously, resulting in a high-resolution, durable finish.

The Role of UV Inks in Wallpaper Printing

In wallpaper printing, UV inks offer several advantages. Their rapid curing time increases production speed, while their durability makes them ideal for wallpapers in high-traffic areas. Additionally, UV inks are more environmentally friendly, emitting fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than solvent-based inks. This makes them ideal for urgent care, nurseries, retirement homes and other environments where health concerns are a priority.


An Overview of the CMYK Printing Process

Our full color prints are produced through four colors of UV inks - Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black. The CMYK printing process is a cornerstone of color printing, crucial for achieving a wide range of hues in wallpaper designs. By overlaying these colors in varying intensities, CMYK printing can reproduce almost any color, making it ideal for detailed and vibrant wallpaper designs.

The primary advantage of CMYK printing is its ability to produce a wide range of colors with precision and consistency. This is essential for wallpaper printing, where color accuracy and vibrancy are paramount. CMYK is also highly efficient, allowing for the quick production of large quantities of wallpaper.

Combining UV Inks with CMYK Printing for Optimal Results

The combination of UV inks with CMYK printing technology represents a perfect marriage of durability and color richness. This synergy allows for the production of wallpapers that are not only visually stunning but also built to last, suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

The Science Behind UV Inks

At the heart of UV inks lies a unique chemical composition that reacts to ultraviolet light. When exposed to UV radiation, the photoinitiators in the ink trigger a rapid polymerization process, turning the liquid ink into a solid, durable print in a matter of seconds. This instant curing process is key to the ink's high resistance to fading, scratches, and moisture.

How are UV Inks Made?

The production of UV inks involves a careful blend of monomers, oligomers, photoinitiators and color pigments. This precise formulation ensures that the inks not only cure quickly under UV light but also provide vibrant, long-lasting colors essential for high-quality wallpaper printing.

UV Ink Terminology

  • Monomer: a molecule that can be bonded to others to form polymers
  • Oligomer: a polymer whose molecules consist of relatively few repeating units
  • Photoinitiators: a molecule that creates reactive species when exposed to radiation
  • Pigments: a powder used to add color or change visual appearance

Limitations of the CMYK Printing Process

While CMYK is versatile, it does have limitations. The color gamut of CMYK printing can't reproduce certain hues, particularly very bright or neon colors. Some of the colors you see on a screen are comprised of Red Green Blue (RGB) color space and cannot be produced in CMYK. Metallic, reflective or fluorescent inks are also beyond the realm of what is possible with CMYK, though such effects can be approximated with a bit of creativity.

Another popular request is for embossed wallpapers, where a pattern or design is pressed into the paper and is noticeable to the touch. This is another specialty printing process which cannot be attained with regular CMYK printing, though it can also be simulated on a flat surface with creative use of design.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are UV curable inks and how do they differ from traditional inks?

UV curable inks are a type of digital printing ink that are cured and dried quickly using ultraviolet light. Unlike traditional inks that dry through evaporation, UV inks dry instantly when exposed to UV light, resulting in a more efficient printing process and a durable, scratch-resistant finish.

How does the CMYK printing process work in large format printing?

In large format printing, the CMYK process involves applying layers of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black inks to create a full color spectrum. This process allows for precise color reproduction and is ideal for printing detailed, high-resolution images on large surfaces like wallpapers.

What are the environmental benefits of using UV curable inks?

UV curable inks are environmentally friendly as they emit fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) compared to solvent-based inks. Their instant curing process reduces energy consumption and waste, making them a more sustainable choice for large format printing.

Can UV inks be used on all types of wallpaper substrates?

UV inks are versatile and can be used on a wide range of wallpaper substrates, including vinyl, non-woven, and fabric-backed wallpapers. However, compatibility may vary based on the specific ink formulation and substrate material.

How durable are prints made with UV curable inks?

Prints made with UV curable inks are highly durable. They are resistant to fading, scratches, and moisture, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. This durability ensures the longevity of the wallpaper prints.

Are there any limitations to the types of designs that can be printed with CMYK?

While CMYK printing offers a wide color gamut, it may have limitations in reproducing extremely bright or neon colors. Additionally, subtle color gradients can sometimes be challenging to replicate precisely.

How does UV ink printing contribute to faster production times?

The instant curing of UV inks significantly speeds up the printing process. Unlike traditional inks that require time to dry, UV inks dry immediately when exposed to UV light, allowing for quicker turnaround times in wallpaper production.

Can UV inks be used for both indoor and outdoor wallpaper applications?

Yes, UV inks are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Their resistance to environmental factors like sunlight and moisture makes them ideal for wallpapers used in various settings.

How do UV inks impact the overall quality of the finished wallpaper product?

UV inks enhance the overall quality of the finished wallpaper product by providing vibrant, sharp, and consistent colors. Their durability and resistance to wear and tear also ensure that the wallpaper maintains its aesthetic appeal over time.

How do UV inks perform in terms of fade resistance over time?

UV inks are highly resistant to fading. Their formulation ensures that the colors remain vibrant and do not degrade easily under exposure to sunlight or other environmental factors, making them ideal for long-term use.

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