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"The creative potential of printable wallpaper cannot be understated.
When an entire space is your canvas, the possibilities are endless."
~ Steven Garcia, Fine Print NYC

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At Fine Print, we bring your vision to life with an exquisite blend of high-quality materials, cutting-edge printing, and creative expertise from master craftsmen with over three decades of printing & design experience.

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Customer happiness isn't just a goal, it's company policy. Print your wallpaper rolls with utmost confidence that they will match or exceed your expectations. We stand behind the quality of every roll we produce 100%.

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Our Wallpaper Process: How It Works

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File Uploads

Google Drive, WeTransfer & Dropbox

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Thanks to our partnership with Dreamscape Wallcoverings & 3M, we print on only the finest materials available on the market. We researched and tested various manufacturers before finding alignment with these companies due to a shared commitment to quality and excellence.

Whether you’re looking for repositionable, temporary peel and stick wallpaper, or commercial grade, non-adhesive rolls for contractors, we guarantee that you’ll be pleased with the appearance and finish of your rolls.

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NOTE: All Materials are Fully Compliant with Building Regulations.

Fire Resistant Promotes Air Quality
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Recreate Old Wallpaper

Scan Samples • Rebuild From a Photo • Vintage Patterns & Murals

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Digitize & Restore Antique Patterns & Prints

Turn old wallpaper into digital files that work with any printshop or process (screen, block printing etc)

Step 1

Send Sample or Photo

Step 2

We Scan, Process & Retouch

Step 3

Final Art is Emailed to You

Replicate & Reprint Vintage Wallpaper

Turn your files into installable rolls of premium wallcoverings, printed digitally with CMYK*

Step 1

Order Samples for Review

Step 2

Send Dimensions for Panel Layout

Step 3

Wallpaper Rolls are delivered

Real Stories, Real People


"Personalized Home Paradise"

"I had a vision for my living room - a mural of an enchanting forest I'd visted in Costa Rica. Fine Print brought that vision to life! The photographic detail, the play of light - it's like I have a piece of nature inside my home. From the leaves on the trees to the delicate shades in the background, the quality is notable and people comment on it all the time. The whole process was smooth and efficient. Joseph and his team were attentive and very helpful. Would recommend 100%"

Emily T. from Nashville, Tennessee


"Unique Office Vibe"

"Our startup office needed a burst of creativity. We designed a custom wallpaper that reflects our brand's innovative spirit, including custom portraits of our staff. Fine Print delivered it flawlessly. The quality of the printing is top-notch. The colors are sharp and vibrant, and the details are crystal clear. It's like our brand has come to life on the walls. Our office feels so uniquely 'us,' and it energizes the team every day."

David L. from San Francisco, California


"Immersive Wallpaper Exhibit"

"Our museum needed a backdrop for a renowned artist. Fine Print transformed our concept into stunning wallpaper. It complements the artwork beautifully, making the whole exhibit an immersive experience. Visitors are in awe! The wallpaper adds a new dimension to the exhibit. The colors are vivid, providing the perfect setting for our art. The level of detail is astonishing; every brushstroke is vividly represented. Amazing work!"

Patricia R. from New York City, New York


"Chic Home Upgrade"

"Redesigning my home, I craved a unique pattern for my bedroom. Fine Print made my vision a reality. The wallpaper they delivered is sleek, modern, and makes my room feel like a luxurious escape. I'm thrilled with the result! The custom design transformed my bedroom into a stylish oasis. The details are crisp, and the colors are exactly as I envisioned. Now, my bedroom feels like a high-end retreat. I can't recommend Fine Print enough."

Emma K. from Austin, Texas

An Inside Look At Our Production Process

Frequently Asked Questions

General Wallpaper Information

What wallpaper services do you offer?

We delivery high quality, commercial grade wallpaper prints for everything from simple home remodels to expansive Large Run Wallpaper Projects. You can submit your own personalized designs, patterns and photos.

We also lead the printing industry in the Digital Replication and Oversized Scanning of Discontinued, Damaged, Incomplete and Historic wallpapers which are rare or impossible to find.

We also offer our site as a valuable resource for all things wallpaper related, including How to Prepare Walls, The Benefits of UV Cured Inks and Best Topcoats for Laminating Wallpaper. You can also use our simple Wallpaper Calculator to tally up the square footage your project requires.

We are constantly updating our site with new information and tools to help make wallpaper projects go as smoothly as possible for our clients, their installers and developers alike.

What technology is used to print your wallpaper?

We are a digital printshop, which means all of our wallpaper are printed in a stunning 1200dpi resolution for photographic accuracy and reproduction of even the tiniest details. We print all designs in full color CMYK colorspace, using UV cured inks that resist smudging or fading.

The actual printing is done on a large format inkjet press which is outfitted with a UV light that simultaneously dries and cures the ink while the wallpaper is being printed. This helps lock in the color while also eliminating much of the toxic fumes associated with traditional printing methods. When your rolls finally arrive they will be pristine, vibrant and fully prepared for installation.

Can I see a sample before printing all of my custom wallpaper?

Certainly, we understand the importance of seeing your print and feeling the material before making a larger commitment. Physical samples provide a hands-on experience, allowing you to assess the texture, color accuracy, and overall print quality. These samples are typically small sections that capture the essence of the design.

On the digital front, we provide high-resolution images that offer a detailed preview of how the design will appear on a larger scale. This ensures that you can make an informed decision, even before creating a sample. We believe in transparency and want our customers to be completely satisfied with their selections, and our sample service is designed to facilitate that confidence.

What quality and delivery assurances does Fine Print provide?

As veteran craftsmen of our trade, Fine Print is unwavering in its dedication to quality. Our preflight system is so thorough in its inspection of the work, that finding any actual flaws in your wallpaper would be exceedingly rare.

Regardless of potential errors, we stand by our work 100%. If a client is not satisfied with any portion of the wallpaper (due to material defects, poor printing quality or any error on our part), we will gladly substitute the material in question without any additional cost.

What is the best resolution and format to submit my artwork?

To ensure optimal print quality, we recommend submitting your artwork in a minimum resolution of 300 dots per inch (DPI). This high resolution guarantees sharpness and clarity, especially for large format digital printing. Additionally, vector artwork is highly advantageous for scalable graphics, allowing your design to be resized without any loss of quality. Vector files are typically created in software like Adobe Illustrator and are saved in formats such as .AI or .EPS.

For raster images, common file formats compatible with large format digital printing include .TIFF, .JPEG, and .PNG. TIFF files are lossless and support high-quality printing, making them suitable for intricate designs. JPEG files are widely used and provide good quality, while PNG files support transparency, making them ideal for certain design elements. When submitting your files, ensure they are in CMYK color mode for accurate color reproduction.

To streamline the submission process, please compress your files into a ZIP archive to prevent any data loss during upload. We accept upload links from Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, Amazon Web Services and other cloud-based file management solutions.

Can I schedule an appointment to review sample/paper stocks?

In response to post-pandemic policy changes, our Manhattan office has transitioned to remote client interactions, offering support via phone, chat, or email, while discontinuing in-person meetings.

Clients interested in material samples can request them through mail for a nominal fee, ensuring a seamless and accessible experience in exploring our offerings.

About Our Wallcovering Materials

What Materials Does Fine Print Offer for Wallpaper?

Fine Print offers an array of wallpaper materials, tailored to various needs and styles. FOr traditional wallpaper installs, we offer non-adhesive, Type II commercial-grade vinyl. This heavy-duty material is designed to withstand high-traffic areas, making it an ideal choice for commercial spaces, hotels, and other environments where durability is paramount. These wallpapers are available in a variety of finishes, textures and special effects:

1. Artist Canvas Wallpaper : Textured Elegance for Artistic Interiors
2. Beads Wallpaper : Tactile Surfaces for Distinctive Decor
3. Black Flash Wallpaper : Unique Sheen for Modern Spaces
4. Bling Wallpaper : Sparkling Glamour for Luxurious Walls
5. Bondi Sands Wallpaper : Sandy Textures for Coastal Charm
6. Brilliant Wallpaper : Versatile Self-Adhesive Options
7. Cabretta Wallpaper : Distinct Leather Texture
8. Canvas Wallpaper : Artistic Flair for Walls
9. Caviar Wallpaper : Removable Elegance for Stylish Interiors
10. Classic Wallpaper : Timeless Self-Adhesive Designs
11. Criss Cross Wallpaper : Textured Patterns for Dynamic Decor
12. Deja Vu Wallpaper : Unique Visual Effects for Modern Spaces
13. Gold Flash Wallpaper : Luxurious Golden Sheen for Elegant Walls
14. Grasscloth Wallpaper : Natural Textures for Organic Interiors
15. Luster Wallpaper : Shiny Surfaces for Reflective Elegance
16. Mason Wallpaper : Rustic Stonework Finish
17. Matte Wallpaper : Sophisticated Non-Reflective Finish
18. Mystical Wallpaper : Enchanting Designs for Magical Ambiance
19. Nolar Wallpaper : Traditional Option for Versatile Use
20. Nolar Sailcloth Wallpaper : Nautical Textures for Unique Decor
21. Pique Wallpaper : Raised Textures for Distinctive Style
22. Plaster Wallpaper : Mimicking Plastered Walls for Rustic Charm
23. Platinum Wallpaper : High-End Metallic Finish for Luxury Spaces
24. Prisma Wallpaper : Light-Reflecting Surfaces for Dazzling Interiors
25. Rave Wallpaper : Bold and Eye-Catching Designs for Vibrant Rooms
26. Ravello Wallpaper : Removable Elegance for Contemporary Walls
27. Sandblast Wallpaper : Sandblasted Texture for Unique Appeal
28. Satara Pearl Wallpaper : Pearlescent Finish for Subtle Glamour
29. Silk Wallpaper : Luxurious Silk Textures for Elegant Walls
30. Silver Flash Wallpaper : Shimmering Silver Finish for Modern Decor
31. Silver Odyssey Wallpaper : Futuristic Look for Contemporary Spaces
32. Suede Wallpaper : Mimicking Suede for Luxurious Touch
33. Terralon Wallpaper : Medium-Weight Versatility for Any Room
34. Terralon Regatta Wallpaper : Unique Features for Stylish Interiors
35. Terralon Smooth Wallpaper : Refined Finish for Sleek Design

We also offer Peel and Stick wallpapers, which are designed for effortless application, positioning and removal, making temporary installations a breeze. This versatility allows customers to select materials that align with their design vision and functional needs, be it for residential or commercial environments.

What is the maximum width x height you can print per wallpaper roll?

We stock wallpaper rolls up to 54" wide by 210" long. These are usually more than enough for most wallpaper installations. For wider rolls, ask one of our specialists about custom orders. You can also order your wallpaper by a panel of custom height rather than a long roll to save considerable install time and reduce wallpaper waste.

54 inches is a significant number since many traditional wallpapers have patterns which are 27" inches wide. This allows us to print two columns of the pattern on one sheet, saving considerable installation time and leading to less seams on the wall for a cleaner, more uniform look and feel.

What makes commercial wallcoverings different from regular wallpaper?

Commercial wallcoverings are distinct from regular wallpaper, catering to the unique needs of public and high-traffic areas. They boast enhanced durability, made from thicker, heavy-duty materials to resist wear, scratches, and impacts. Prioritizing safety, these wallcoverings are often fire-resistant, adhering to strict fire codes. Designed for practicality, they’re easy to clean and maintain, a necessity in busy spaces.

Aesthetically, commercial wallcoverings offer designs and textures suitable for professional environments, effectively concealing marks and stains. They also meet higher health and environmental standards, with low VOC emissions and mold resistance, ensuring safer air quality. Installation demands professional expertise, and their longevity makes them a cost-effective, long-term solution for businesses. Balancing functionality with style, commercial wallcoverings are a robust choice for enhancing business interiors.

Are the wallpaper materials durable & washable?

From lively households to bustling offices, our wallpapers retain their original allure, ensuring your investment endures. Life happens, and so do spills and stains. With a simple wipe using a damp cloth, these wallpapers spring back to their pristine state. The resilient materials and inks we use are resistant to fading, scratching or any issues the might otherwise appear when cleaning your wallpaper. These features are exceptionally useful in a wide range of industries. In hospitality, where foot traffic is constant, durability ensures a lasting impression. In healthcare, where cleanliness is paramount, washability becomes a hygiene safeguard. In homes, offices, hotels, and beyond, our wallpapers aren’t just decorative; they’re functional elements enhancing spaces in ways beyond the visual, and designed to stand up to the demands of modern living.

Can I remove the wallpaper for a temporary installation without ruining the wall?

Certainly! Our wallpapers are designed with a commitment to both durability and removability. The removal process is straightforward and doesn’t damage your walls.

This makes our wallpapers an excellent choice for temporary installations, events, or seasonal decor changes. The adhesive is specially formulated to provide a secure grip during application while allowing for easy removal when you decide to switch things up. Enjoy the flexibility of transforming your space without the worry of wall damage or extensive cleanup.

How does traditional wallpaper compare to peel and stick?

Traditional wallpaper typically requires adhesive application to the wall before affixing the paper. This method offers a strong, permanent bond, making it a great choice for long-term installations. It’s often preferred in residential and commercial settings where a semi-permanent or permanent design solution is desired. By using a less potent adhesive, it can also be used in a temporary setting which makes it ultra flexible. Since this is a more robust wallcovering it also allows for more creative freedom in terms of textures, finishes and specialty options.

By contrast, peel-and-stick wallpaper is characterized by its self-adhesive backing, simplifying the installation process. It’s a fantastic option for temporary or DIY projects, allowing users to apply or remove the wallpaper without professional assistance. Peel-and-stick wallpapers are often repositionable, enabling adjustments during installation. This flexibility makes them an excellent choice for renters or those who frequently update their decor.

How Does Custom Color Reduce Printing Costs and Enhance Quality?

Using a custom color base material can significantly reduce your printing costs and improve the overall quality. If your project requires a solid background, choosing a colored material from the start is more cost-effective, saving on machine time and ink. Custom color options, like Orange, Brown, Yellow, are ideal for specific branding needs, like Dunkin Donuts.

What is Required to Initiate Custom Color Production for Wallpapers?

To start custom color production, we need a color reference such as a Pantone code, paint swatch, or fabric swatch of the desired color. Our design team will evaluate if the color target is achievable and provide an estimate of cost and lead time. Note that custom color productions typically require a minimum order of 2,500 yards, though this can vary based on the color.

Can Textures be Customized for Wallpaper Material Products?

Yes, our standard products come in a variety of textures, and we can offer more options through our extensive emboss library. For custom textures, provide a sample swatch for replication. Custom texture productions generally require a minimum order of 2,500 yards, subject to availability of the embossing tooling.

What Are the Options for Custom Length and Width in Printing Materials?

Our standard roll lengths are 75′, 150′, and 300′, with jumbo rolls at 600’ for certain products. Custom lengths typically need a minimum order of 1,000 yards. For width, while standard is 54", we offer Canvas, Mystical, and Matte in 54" and 60", and Suede in 54", 60", and 75" widths. We can customize most products to your needs, ranging from 30" to 60", with a typical minimum order of 1,000 yards for custom widths.

Wallpaper Case Studies & Applications

Can wallpaper be used for more than just wall coverings?

Absolutely, wallpaper can transcend its traditional role as a wall covering and be employed in various creative and practical ways:

1. Furniture Refurbishing: Give old furniture a new lease on life by applying wallpaper to surfaces like tabletops, dressers, or cabinet doors. This can add a pop of color or a unique pattern, turning a mundane piece into a statement.
2. Bookshelf Backdrops: Lining the back of bookshelves with wallpaper can instantly transform the look of your reading nook. It adds depth and visual interest, making your book collection stand out.
3. Ceiling Statements: Elevate your space by applying wallpaper to the ceiling. This unexpected twist can draw the eyes upward and create a captivating visual impact.
4. DIY Artwork: Frame wallpaper remnants to create unique artwork for your walls. This allows you to enjoy your favorite patterns or designs even in spaces where full wallpapering might be impractical.
5. Drawer and Shelf Liners: Line drawers, shelves, or closets with wallpaper for a stylish and cohesive look. This not only adds flair to storage spaces but also protects surfaces.
6. Stair Risers: Use wallpaper to decorate stair risers for an unexpected and delightful design element in your home. Each step becomes a canvas for artistic expression.
7. Door Makeovers: Apply wallpaper to the panels of doors to transform their appearance. This works especially well for closet doors or interior doors where you want to add a decorative touch.
8. DIY Gift Wrap: Get creative with gift wrapping by using wallpaper as an alternative to traditional wrapping paper. It’s a sustainable and stylish way to present gifts.
9. Table Runners or Placemats: Cut wallpaper to size and use it as a decorative table runner or placemats. This is a fantastic idea for themed parties or seasonal decorations.
10. * Custom Lampshades*: Give plain lampshades a makeover by adhering wallpaper to the exterior. When the light shines through, it creates a beautiful, diffused pattern.

These ideas showcase the versatility of wallpaper, turning it into a multifaceted design element that goes beyond simple wall coverings. The key is to experiment and let your creativity flow.

How can wallpaper contribute to room design beyond traditional uses?

Wallpaper transcends traditional wall coverings, offering innovative design solutions for various spaces. Its versatility allows for dramatic ceiling accents, adding depth and character. Wallpaper can rejuvenate furniture, giving bookshelves and dressers a unique, fresh look. As a budget-friendly art option, framed wallpaper sections create customizable decor. It can transform doors into design elements and serve as a temporary backsplash in kitchens and bathrooms. Wallpaper on stair risers turns staircases into statement pieces.

In open-plan areas, it adds flair as dividers or screens. Lining shelves or drawers with wallpaper injects color and pattern, enhancing aesthetics. It’s also ideal for creating depth in niches with accent panels. For flexible decor, wallpaper mounted on panels or canvases offers easy alteration. This adaptability makes wallpaper a tool for unique, personalized interior design, opening up endless possibilities.

Can wall murals transform a room's appearance?

Wall murals possess the transformative ability to redefine a room’s appearance, acting as expansive art installations that shift a space’s ambiance and aesthetic. These murals, varying from serene landscapes to vibrant cityscapes, serve not just as decor but as focal points that can visually expand or intensify a room’s perceived space.

They offer a unique, personalized aspect, mirroring individual preferences or specific themes, and are adaptable across diverse environments, including homes and offices. Their design flexibility allows them to seamlessly integrate with existing decor, enhancing the overall atmosphere. The transformative power of wall murals lies in their capacity to capture and articulate distinct visions, converting plain walls into captivating realms of creativity and expression, thereby significantly altering the character and feel of any room.

Can I add paint (water, acrylic, etc) to custom printed wallpaper wallpaper?

Adding paint to custom printed wallpaper, like watercolor or acrylic, is feasible but requires careful consideration. It’s important to ensure the wallpaper material is compatible with paint. Non-porous surfaces, such as vinyl, may not adhere well to paint. Water-based paints are generally safer and less likely to damage the wallpaper compared to thicker acrylics, which might crack or peel. Conduct a small test on an inconspicuous area to check for any adverse reactions.

When applying paint, use gentle strokes and avoid over-saturating the wallpaper to prevent peeling or bubbling. Be aware that painting may alter the wallpaper’s texture and finish, impacting its durability and ease of cleaning. Consulting with a wallpaper specialist or interior designer is recommended for tailored advice. Altering custom printed wallpaper with paint can void warranties and may not always produce the desired results, making it a creative yet risky endeavor.

Wallpaper Installation and Maintenance

Do you provide installation services for custom wallpaper?

While we don’t directly offer installation services, we’ve streamlined the process to ensure a seamless experience for you. This approach allows us to focus on delivering top-notch prints and designs, leaving the installation in the hands of professionals who are well-versed in the intricacies of wallpaper application for your particular space.

We also offer schematics and guidelines to facilitate this process and make sure that every aspect of your project is transparent, predictable and inline with every expectation.

How can I ensure that my wallpaper installation goes smoothly?

Ensuring a smooth wallpaper installation involves a few key considerations. Firstly, prepare your wall surface adequately by cleaning and smoothing any imperfections. Smooth surfaces guarantee a flawless end result. Be sure that the wall is sufficiently dried and cured before installation.

Secondly, measure your wall accurately and order the right amount of wallpaper, factoring in any pattern repeats. This minimizes material wastage and ensures a seamless pattern match. Next, enlist professional installers for optimal results. Sure you can probably DIY, but we do not recommend this unless you really know your trade since installing wallpaper requires quite a bit of finesse and experience to install correctly.

How can I clean and care for my wallpaper?

For routine cleaning, a soft cloth or sponge with a mild soapy solution works well. Begin cleaning from the bottom and progress upwards to prevent streaking.

For stubborn stains, a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol can be used. Gently blot the stain with a clean, white cloth, avoiding excessive pressure. Clients should be advised to test any cleaning agent in a hidden spot to ensure compatibility with the wallcovering. Remind them to refrain from using abrasive materials, as these can scratch or damage the surface.

Pricing, Payment & Shipping

What do I need in order to get an estimated price for my wallpaper project?

To provide an accurate wallpaper quote, we require the following information:

Wall Dimensions: Please measure and provide the exact dimensions of the walls you plan to cover. Include the width and height for each wall.

Visual Preview of Artwork: Supply a visual representation of the artwork or design you want to print as wallpaper. It can be a screenshot, PDF or mobile photo as long as there’s enough of the design for us to establish the scope of your project.

Production Timeframe: Specify your desired timeframe for the wallpaper project. This helps us align our production schedule with your needs and ensures timely delivery.

Color Requirements: If color accuracy is crucial, especially if you’re referencing specific colorbooks like Pantone, this must be specified in advance in order to factor in the time required to achieve a match.

By providing these details, we can generate a comprehensive quote tailored to your specific project, ensuring transparency and meeting your expectations.

How do I pay for my wallpaper?

We accept checks, bank deposits/transfers as payment for our wallpaper servuces.

We also accept credit/debit card though it is worth noting that the will incur a transation fee totalling 4% of your total order.

What is the standard turnaround time for printing custom wallpaper?

Once your print ready files have been supplied it usually takes 5-7 business days. We also offer rush wallpaper printing which reduceses the turnaround to 3-5 business days.

The availability of these time frames will depend heavily on our current press schedule and the complexity and nature of your wallpaper project. For rush jobs, your best bet is to contact us directly at 619-5446.

How do you handle expedited shipping for wallpaper orders?

For deliveries in New York City, we use our own courier service for door-to-door delivery. Clients really seem to appreciate the speed and convenience.

All other orders are limited to the continental US are shipped via Fedex. In either case deliveries will require a signature. This not only ensures a timely arrival, it also safeguards the status and confidentiality of your wallpaper rolls.

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