Wallpaper for Artists

Expand your creative vision to new dimensions through the new and exciting medium of printable wallcoverings. Print your paintings, drawings, photos and graphic designs on just about any surface, including walls, ceilings, floors and windows for a truly unique and immersive experience. Our commitment to quality and detail ensures that every brushstroke, every hue, and every texture is captured with the fidelity your art deserves.

  • High-Resolution Printing
  • Vibrant, Fade Resistant Colors
  • Print On Over 30 Materials & Textures
  • Temporary or Permanent Installations
  • Work with Printers Who Are Also Artists

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What is the average turnaround time for an order?

The average turnaround time is typically 7-17 days from order to delivery, depending on the specifics of the order and shipping method. Talk to one of our project managers to get a more accurate timeline.

Do you offer expedited shipping options?

Yes, expedited shipping is available for urgent orders, with additional fees applicable based on the required timeline.

How is the wallpaper packaged for delivery?

Our wallpaper is securely packaged in durable tubes ensure it arrives in perfect condition, protected from damage, creases or wrinkles.

Do you provide installation services?

For liability reasons we do not provide or recommend installation services. However our wallpaper materials are industry standard and familiar to all contractors. We also offer clear and useful guides on preparing walls, along with any necessary schematics to make installation as straightforward as possible.

Can the wallpaper be easily removed or repositioned?

Yes, we offer removable wallpaper options that can be easily repositioned or removed without damaging the wall. These materials are also viable for long term installation.

Wallpaper Printing FAQs

What type of technology and inks are used to print wallpaper?

We use advanced digital printing technology with UV cured inks for vibrant, long-lasting colors.

Will I be able to see all of the details of my original art?

Absolutely. Our high-resolution printing (1200 dpi) ensures that every nuance and detail of your original artwork is captured and reproduced faithfully.

How do you ensure color accuracy in printing?

We use color calibration techniques and match colors to industry standards to ensure accurate and consistent color reproduction. For applications where color is absolutely mission critical we also work with standard color books like Pantone, Benjamin Moore, RAL Color. You may also send us swatches or textiles that can be custom matched

Is there a limit to the color palette available for printing?

We offer a wide color gamut thanks to CMYK printing, allowing for a vast range of colors, though some specific hues may have limitations.

Can you print metallic or fluorescent colors?

Our CMYK process can only print standard full color applications. This does not include metallics or fluorescent colors.

Can you accommodate large-scale panoramic prints?

Yes, our printing capabilities allow for large-scale panoramic prints, perfect for immersive and expansive wall art. Our prepress team is quite accustomed to piecing together large format murals and will provide a schematic custom tailored to your space.

Wallpaper Material FAQs

What materials are available to print on?

We offer a variety of materials. Our traditional wallpaper is fabric backed vinyl which is installed via traditional pasting methods. We also offer peel-and-stick options that already come with adhesive backing

Can I request specific textures or finishes?

Yes, we provide a range of textures and finishes, from matte to glossy, to suit your specific artistic needs. Browse Our Full Line of Materials

Is the wallpaper suitable for high-traffic areas?

Our wallpapers are designed for durability and can withstand the demands of high-traffic areas. They can even be printed on floors and withstand foot traffic.

Can the wallpaper be used in outdoor settings?

Temporary installations can most certainly be installed outdoors. Our wallpapers are very durable and resistant to moisture, sunlight and warping.

For more permanent installations howver, we only recommend our wallcoverings for indoor use.

Wallpaper Design FAQs

What file formats do you accept for designs?

We accept various file formats including PSD, AI, TIFF, and high-resolution PDFs, ensuring compatibility with your design software.

Do you offer design assistance or consultation?

Yes, our team offers design assistance and consultation to help bring your artistic vision to life on wallpaper.

How can I ensure my design fits the wall dimensions accurately?

We recommend providing precise wall measurements and allowing for extra margins. Our team can assist in adjusting your design to fit perfectly. We offer digital previews of your walls so you can tweak accordingly until the design is perfect.

Can I request changes to my design after submission?

Changes can be made during the initial design phase, and will be charged accordingly. However, once printing has begun, modifications will incur additional costs on material and inks.

How do you handle color matching with existing artworks?

We use color matching techniques to ensure your wallpaper design aligns with existing artworks, maintaining a cohesive aesthetic. We match oil paintings, watercolors, guache, screen prints and more.

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