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Just picked up my business cards - they are exquisite and they ROCK! Exactly the vision I had in mind for my brand. Thanks Fine Print!Jamar F. - Entrepreneur
Beautiful, Sustainable Printing!
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Fine Print did a great job understanding my eco-friendly printing needs and the end product was not only sustainable but beautiful too!Tiffany P. - Entrepreneur
The Print Quality is Amazing!
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These folks are passionate about quality printing, and it shows in every piece they produce. Can't recommend them enough.Devon S. - Fashion Designer
True Print Craftsmen!
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The paper was thick, and the texture was so unique. There is no substitute for that, and I commend Fine Print for their craftsmanship.Christina G. - Attorney
Print Quality is Exceptional
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It was an absolute pleasure to work with Fine Print for our wedding invitations. The print quality is exceptional, as is the customer service.Allison & JJ - Entrepreneurs
Fast and Professional Printers!
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Fine Print came through for us when we needed annual reports produced under a rushed schedule. We'd definitely use them again.Brad F. - Merrill Lynch
A Fantastic Job!
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Fine Print did a fantastic job in a very short time span. Working with them was a wonderful, stress-free experience from start to completion.Judi S. - Whole Foods
A Reliable Print Shop
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Fine Print goes out of their way to assist you, even on a tight deadline. Its so amazing to be find a printer who can work with you like this.Samira T. - Allen/Cooper

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What Is Large Format Printing?

Also known as wide format or grand printing, it works much like standard digital printing, but on a much bigger scale.
The presses can be either flatbed or roll-to-roll printers and sometimes are a combination of both.

All printing is done with a uv inkjet, toner-based ink or a uv gel ink that prints graphics onto a roll, rather than individual sheets.

Aside from custom wallpaper, we also print the following products:

  • Foam/Gator/Sintra BoardsKiosks, Popup Shops, Art Prints
  • Window Displays & ClingsClear, Perforated & Double Sided
  • Floor, Wall & Ceiling DecalsScratch & Fade Resistant
  • Signs & BannersDouble Sided, Transparent, Backlit
  • Vinyl LetteringCustom Cut, Quick Application
  • Pop Up Shops & TradeshowsWeather Proof & Easy to Install

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the official home page of Fine Print NYC?
Yes, you've found the correct company (Fine Print New York). We reproduce, restore, reprint, match and duplicate almost any vintage, discontinued, or out of print wallpaper. Whether it's a retro design from the 70's & 80’s or a victorian pattern from a bygone era, we excel at bringing new life to historic designs (Just like your grandmother had in the house growing up).
What's the first step in recreating wallpaper designs?
Send us a quick snapshot of your design. This will help us determine some basic facts:
  • How many colors are in the wallpaper?
  • How fine is the detail?
  • How big of an area is being repeated?
  • Are the colors solid, or are there textures to replicate?
  • What is the condition of the wallpaper? (stains/tears/blemishes)
  • Is the wallpaper original a complete sample, or is part of the pattern missing?
  • Is the wallpaper meant to be matched to an existing installation?

All of these variables affect pricing and are best determined from seeing the actual pattern. The original design is what guides us in assessing the scope/scale of a given project to provide accurate & fair pricing.

Do I need an original sample/piece of the wallpaper in order to replicate the pattern/design?

While we highly recommend physical samples in order to capture every nuance and detail of your original, we are also capable of working from photographs, as long as the images are clear, not blurry and of sufficient quality. We have covered this topic in our blog post "How to Recreate Discontinued Wallpaper", where you'll find tips on how to effectively photograph your wallpaper, though our recommendation here would be to hire a professional photographer for the best results.

How closely can you match my wallpaper? Will I be able to tell the difference?

It depends on the style of wallpaper you are trying to replicate. There are a number of different methods, including digital printing, block printing, screen printing and gravure printing. The more traditional methods can leave a slightly raised texture from the ink, in digital printing, this will replicated with a pre-fabricated paper/substrate with a raised surface. When the digital ink lays down, it can create a similar effect to traditional and more expensive methods of printing.

It's also important to note that, sometimes, due to the age, exposure to environment, condition of the existing wallpaper, or the original manufacturing process, it might can be difficult to match colors exactly. In these cases, we will match the colors as closely as possible to give an overall similar look.

The exception to this is metallic wallpapers. While we can print on metallic materials (gold, silver, copper), our digital presses do not actually print metallic inks/foils.

Regardless of the project specs, it's our company policy never to print any wallpaper without the you seeing a press proof first (a job ticket must be generated). We only go to press when you 100% confirm your custom press proof/sample.

I need a wallpaper recreated, printed and installed right next to existing/old wallpaper. Is this possible? Is it more expensive?

Yes, we can color match existing wallpapers. Please note, the time it takes our designers and pre-press department to scan, color match, paper match and set up /calibrate the press and print press proofs for your review is a very time consuming and process that will be billed accordingly.

To be straightforward, wallpaper recreation can be a costly process, compared to just replacing the existing wallpaper. But sometimes, there is no replacement or alternatives and the cost for replicating wallpaper is the best or only option.

Where the recreation process can be expensive, the actual digital printing process is far most cost effective then traditional methods and most importantly, ou rminmum are only 50 sq ft to print.

How expensive is it to reproduce and print wallpaper?

While digital printing is more cost effective than traditional methods, a larger part of the process is design time. We can not just take a sample and print it - pre-press has a quality control process with multiple steps which require a unique skillset:

  1. Sample must be professionally scanned in or photographed
  2. A photoshop artist retouches out the dirt, age and blemishes to adjust brightness and contrast to match the original sample
  3. The minimum repeatable area is identified and isolated for a seamless repeat
  4. The colors are separated into multiple layers for correction. This usually requires our artists to trace each color by hand
  5. Color matching, using color books, color charts, and spectrophotometers to achieve the closest match possible

The more colors and details present in the design, the longer this process takes. A minimal art deco print with two colors will not be as time consuming and have the same costs involved as an ornate victorian print with 6-12 colors.

Another factor that can increase cost is having an incomplete sample, requiring an artist to hand draw and fill in the blanks to finalize and match the pattern/design.

Is there any way I can save money on wallpaper replication design fees?

Digitally recreating discontinued wallpaper is a time consuming process time. One of the most intense parts of this task is color matching. The more colors you have, the more time is invested in the process. You can enjoy significant savings by color matching yourself with a standardized color book (Pantone, Benjamin Moore, etc.)

We highly recommend reading our article "The Art & History of Color Matching". You'll also want to make sure the sample you send us is complete. Anything to lighten the workload of our designers and pre-press department will add up to a smaller recreation budget.

Who else does this? Do you have competition?

Wallpaper recreation is a very specific niche. There are shops that reprint or stock specific patterns which have been discontinued or out of print for a long time.

But to our knowledge, nobody else out there provides digital recreation using customer-submitted art like Fine Print New York. This is why when you search on Google for "wallpaper recreation" you will likely see us near or at the top of the results.

Printing wallpaper is a skill and amazing craft - replicating, designing and recreating wallpaper is a legitimate art form. We often spend days color matching one sample, testing it in natural light, indoor light, uv light and many other variables. We take all these factors into account to ensure color matching that goes far beyond your average printer.

Does my wallpaper come with any guarantees? What if I don't like my prints?

Our quality control process prevents this from ever happening. You will get a custom sample of your wallpaper, printed on the actual material for your review.

It's an exact copy of what you can expect from the final rolls. If by some chance the final results do not match your sample or there was any sort of error on our part, we stand by our work 100% and will always take accountability if we make a mistake.

Customer satisfaction and quality is our number one concern and we want to ensure our clients get exactly what they approved and paid for, this is why so many people feel comfortable working with us. Your are dealing with real people in the real world, a family owned business that is built on integrity with mutual benefit for all parties.

Regardless of the net profit for any particular project, if a client walks away happy with the product, but not satisfied with the level of customer service, we treat this as a loss and see if there is anything to learn from that situation, and make immediate changes if there is.

Some projects can be more demanding than others, but we welcome those challenges with an open mind and do our best to deliver award winning customer service regardless of the complexity or particular demands oof any project.

What is the best way to make contact and get a quote for my wallpaper project?

There is no better way to experience our outstanding customer service than talking to us directly at 212.619.5446 (Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm EST).

You will be speaking with Joseph or Steven directly, who are both eager and ready to answer any questions or concerns. We strive to make the production process as transparent and stress free as possible.

Reach out and discover why everyone from homeowners to Fortune 500 companies are so satisfied with our service.

We also provide live chat services on the website and readily check our

Fun Facts About Wallpaper Reproduction, Restoration and Printing

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Fine Print is a wallpaper store located in NYC offering wall printing services to home owners and design professionals. From panoramic wall murals to even the most bespoke wallpaper designs, our state of the art process ensures photographic results, accurate color matching and outstanding quality.

We can recreate, copy and duplicate existing wallpapers. Regardless of how old, out of print or damaged a sample may be, we offer faithful reproductions and professional guidance to match the look and feel of the original. Bring new life to **vintage wallpaper on a variety of durable and easy to clean materials.

Our wallpaper rolls deliver a maximum printable size of 48” width by 300” height. We offer peel & stick, matte, canvas & fabric, each one fully compliant with industry fire safety & emissions standards. Rest easy knowing that your wallpaper is produced using safe and environmentally friendly materials.

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