Recreate Nostalgic Wallpaper

Are you on a quest to recreate wallpaper that adorned an old family home? You’ve probably scoured antique shops, reached dead-ends on the web, and felt like giving up. But there is still hope! We understand the sentimental value of that wallpaper, and have the skills and experience to help you relive those cherished childhood moments, one roll at a time.

  • Preserve the Essence of Your Memories
  • Restore Aged Wallpapers to Their Former Glory
  • Fill in the Gaps of Missing Wallpaper Pieces
  • Preview a Sample Before Printing New Rolls

Reprint Your Family’s Favorite Wallpaper

Wallpaper is often so much more than just shapes and colors, they form a strong visual connection to our memories, our loved ones and our heritage.

Reproduce from a Photo

No sample? No problem! We can recreate from photographs.

Color Matching

Repaper your wall or perform a spot match for focused areas

Get rid of those pesky blemishes and defects forever

Fill in the gaps with our premium pattern recreation service


"Reviving Dad's Old Wallpaper"

"We remodeled my Dad's old house for my grandkids. The construction was the easy part, reprinting that wallpaper was a different story, until we found Fine Print. They really went above and beyond in every sense - the precision in matching colors and making these papers look so brand new again, created a direct link to my past. Walking through those rooms brings back so many great times with my Dad I can't help but smile and think about all the great new memories these kids will create right here. All thanks to Fine Print!"

Michael Patel from Orlando, FL


"Just Like Grandma's!"

"My grandma's kitchen was more than a place; it was the heart of our family. Every creaky floorboard, every aroma, and every inch of that peeling wallpaper held stories. When I decided to recreate that haven in my own home, Fine Print was there to smooth everything out. They meticulously restored all of the peeling, dirt and water damage and printed something more than a wallpaper; it really feels like a living mural of my history. Now every time I cook for the family, there is such a deep connection to my Nana, we can all feel her smiling down on us. "

Sarah Thompson from Austin, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

How closely can you match the original wallpaper from my childhood home?

We specialize in recreating wallpaper with impeccable accuracy. While it the colors may not be 100% exact due to factors like aging and availability of materials, we pride ourselves on producing a near-perfect match, capturing the essence and honoring the legacy of your beloved wallpaper

Can you help me identify a wallpaper pattern from an old photograph?

Yes, we can help identify patterns from photographs. Our experienced team has a keen eye for detail. Even if we cannot determine the source of a given wallpaper we can still reproduce based on samples or photographs.

What guarantees do I have that my submitted sample will be handled with care?

We understand the sentimental value of your samples. Rest assured, we treat each one with utmost care and respect. All deliveries will require a signature for security reasons and are covered by insurance so you can rest easy knowing your treasured samples are in safe hands throughout the entire process.

Our wallpaper is very damaged and incomplete, can you still reproduce it?

Absolutely. We excel at restoring even the most damaged and incomplete wallpapers. Pricing will be influenced by how much work needs to be done, but rest assured that we have reproduced wallpapers with more than half of the pattern missing

Do you typically recreate wallpapers with sentimental value?

Most of our recreation projects center around childhood/family homes. Not only are we experts at this process, but we also derive great satisfaction in helping people connect with their past. We understand that these aren't just prints, they represent memories, stories and loved ones. They matter! This is why we approach each project with the attention and care that it deserves. You're in good hands with Fine Print.

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