Restore Damaged Wallpapers

Trying to reprint a damaged wallpaper? We’re here to make your renovation journey a whole lot smoother, taking the stress and guesswork out of restoration so you can focus on the bigger picture of your renovation project.

  • Repair & Erase Damage from Water, Mold, Age or Sun Exposure
  • Renovation-Ready: Seamless integration into your project, saving time
  • Live Previews: See a printed sample on your chosen material
  • Preserve the Aesthetic: Maintain your wallpaper’s unique character


Old, Torn & Faded


New, Clean & Vibrant

Revive Your Wall Decor

Whether you’re repairing a roof leak or renovating your walls,
we can help bring your wallpaper back to its former glory.

Mold & Water Damage

Get rid of those pesky water lines and black spots forever

Sun Exposure

Restore colors which have been faded or burned from exposure

Rips, Scratches & Tears

Get rid of those pesky water lines and black spots forever

Missing Pieces

Fill in the gaps with our premium pattern recreation service


Facing a Unique Renovation Challenge?

We're here to bring your walls back to life!

More Than Wallpaper

It's not just wallpaper; it's your home. We understand the frustration that comes with damaged spaces. Our mission is not only to restore your walls but also to restore your peace of mind by taking the guesswork out of this highly specialized process.

Take the First Step with Confidence

Starting a renovation or restoring damaged wallpaper can be daunting, but you don't have to do it alone. At Fine Print, we've got your back. Our friendly team is ready to answer your questions and help you take the first step with confidence.

Ready to transform your walls? Call Us or Request an Estimate.

Real Stories, Real People


"My Kitchen Looks Brand New Again!"

"We were repairing holes in a kitchen wall and realized we didn't have any more rolls of a Schumacher print. Had no luck searching online, as the pattern was discontinued. I was very close to giving up and just putting up tiles when I found Fine Print. Within a few weeks they delivered the new rolls and we were finally able to re-paper the whole wall. Many thanks to Joseph for turning this project around on such short notice. Truly amazing work and service from these guys."

Regina F. from Columbus, Ohio


"Way Easier Than I Had Imagined"

"We had a really bad roof leak that completely ruined our wallpaper - we were unable to save most of it. This wallpaper was printed in 1924, so finding new rolls was damned near impossible. After a whole lotta frustration and dead ends I finally landed on Fine Print. My first call, Joseph pulled me into a conference with their design team, who produced a sample within 1 week. It was so perfect we immediately ordered twice as many rolls as we needed, as insurance for any future repairs."

Jonathan D. from Austin, Texas


"These People Know What They're Doing"

"I didn't even know it was possible to have a discontinued wallpaper recreated until recently. Our old bathroom wallpaper was mildewed and peeling and torn in some spots. We sent a sample from the wall to Fine Print. I don't know how they did it, but every tear, wrinkle and stain was completely removed. They even filled in the missing parts which was really impressive as there was one 6"x6" section that was torn off. No other printer would touch this job but it seemed pretty easy for them"

Brendan R. from Nashville, Tennessee


"Better Than The Original Wallpaper"

"We needed to redo a couple of spots in our living room as the wallpaper was starting to peel. At first we were going to do a patch job, but changed our minds after seeing the samples Fine Print sent. The colors weren't an exact match for the old wallpaper, however in our opinion they did look even better with our current decor. We bought several rolls and re-papered the whole room. We love our new wallpaper and could not be happier with the 5-star service we received from Fine Print!"

Sylvia B. from Atlanta, Georgia

Frequently Asked Questions

General Recreation FAQs

Do I need an original wallpaper sample to recreate the design?

While we recommend an original sample, we can also recreate designs from photographs, making the process flexible for you.

What's the typical timeframe for wallpaper restoration in renovation projects?

The time frame varies based on complexity, but for basic restorations, it's 2-4 weeks. For more intricate work, it can range from 6-8 weeks.

What's the difference between a quick wallpaper fix and a more extensive restoration?

A quick fix typically addresses minor issues, while a restoration involves more in-depth work, especially on vintage and historic wallpapers. All of this depends on how complete, undamaged and clean youor samples are. Sometimes all our designers need to do is clean off dust or small blemishes and other times it's a radical reconstruction on a severely damaged piece.

The intricacy of detail and number of colors in your pattern will also play a significant role in determining the scope of your project.

Can you match my existing wallpaper precisely, even if it's damaged?

We strive for accurate matching, even if your existing wallpaper is damaged. There are cases where an exact match is not possible, but our goal is to replicate as closely as possible.

Wallpaper Samples FAQ

How do I send you the damaged wallpaper for assessment?

Send your sample via courier directly to our digital scanning facility. We will handle it with great care every step of the way, so you can rest assured that it will be returned to you safe and sound.

NOTE: All return deliveries will require a signature for drop off, so you will definitely need someone at your shipping address to receive the package. This is how we keep your samples secure during transit.

What if my wallpaper has metallic or textured elements that need restoration?

Our digital presses are CMYK and don't produce metallic, fluorescent or solid inks, although it can approximate most Pantone or Benjamin Moore colors (the non metallic libraries).

Sometimes metallic colors can also be emulated by regular ink, but it cannot achieve the same reflective sheen you would get from gold leaf, silver foil or copper inks, which are not compatible with the digital printing process. You will need a print shop that specializes in historic reproductions using more traditional methods like flocking, screen printing and hand painting.

I uncovered old wallpaper during renovation but don't have a complete sample. Can it be reproduced?

Yes, we can often recreate patterns from partial samples or photographs. Our creative team specializes in such projects. Send us a picture and we'll let you know just how much work is required to revive your old wallpaper.

Can you recreate patterns if only a portion of the wallpaper remains intact?

Indeed, our team can recreate patterns based on whatever remnants you have. We'll work to ensure a seamless and compatible final design.

There will be cases where so much of the pattern is missing that great creative license will be needed. This means the final result will look convincing and compatible with what you have ,but for obvious reasons is not a faithful 1-to-1 replication.

I want to replicate a wallpaper that's currently in print. Can this be done legally?

Yes, you can legally reproduce a wallpaper, but you need expressed written permission from the publisher or copyright owner.

Can I recreate a wallpaper solely from a photograph I found during remodeling?

Yes, you can recreate wallpaper from photographs. If the image quality is good, we can use it as a reference for reproduction. We can also do this with poor images, but the process becomes more time intensive and costly. The better your image, the less work we have to do to make it prinatble.

What if I want to update a vintage pattern to fit a modern aesthetic?

We can adapt vintage patterns to suit modern aesthetics, providing a fresh yet nostalgic look for your space. This is usually done by the adjustment or substitution of colors. Our creative team separates your colors into individual layers, allowing a great level of control over the hue, contrast and brightness of each color. You can even custom match parts of the design with your existing decor. Ask about our color matching services.

Can you provide a sample or prototype before starting the full restoration or reproduction project?

Yes, we offer sample and prototype options to ensure your satisfaction before proceeding with the full project. We can print your design on multiple materials for review. These will be charged based on timeframe and size of the requested sample.

Installation FAQs

Is the wallpaper material easy to work with for professional installers?

Our wallpapers are designed for professional installers, offering ease of handling and installation. Most installers are familiar with these materials.

What if my installer has questions about working with the wallpaper material?

If your installer has any questions or concerns, they can contact us directly. We're happy to assist with any guidance they may need.

Do you offer installation services? Can I request on-site assistance?

We are not installers or contractors. Our area of expertise is in digital recreation and printing of historic artwork and patterns. We are highly skilled precisely because we are so focused on it.

Are there specific recommendations for maintaining the wallpaper once it's installed?

The best protection you can offer your wallpaper is to ensure that the wall is structurally sound and free of water/moisture/mold before you even install it. Read all about it in our article: How to Prepare Surfaces for Wallpaper

Once installed, your wallpaper will require minimal maintenance. You can clean it with a wet rag and mild soap without any issues.

Insurance FAQs

Will my insurance policy cover the cost of wallpaper restoration during renovations?

Insurance policies regarding wallpaper restoration can vary. To know if your policy covers it, review your insurance documents or contact your provider.

What documentation do I need to provide to support an insurance claim for wallpaper damage?

Typically, you'll need photos of the damaged wallpaper, records of the damage cause, and any relevant estimates from restoration professionals.

How do I estimate the cost of wallpaper restoration or reproduction for my insurance claim?

Only a professional can estimate the cost of reproduction given so many variables, includng damage level, number of colors, intricacy of design, etc. Our project managers are quite skilled at assessing jobs just from looking at a photo, so your best bet is to send us a screenshot or mobile photo for immediate evaluation.

How long does it typically take for an insurance claim related to wallpaper restoration?

The processing time varies but typically takes several weeks to a few months.

What should I do if the initial insurance estimate doesn't cover the full restoration cost?

Discuss this with your insurer. They may reevaluate or adjust the estimate based on additional information. There are also ways to cut cost on production, which should be consulted on a case by case basis.

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