Recreate Incomplete Wallpapers

Trying to restore an incomplete wallpaper pattern? Whether you’re dealing with damaged prints, missing fragments, or the challenge of visualizing the completed design, our craftsmen and illustrators are here to bring your vision to life, creating a seamless replica of your original, using their knowledge of historical styles and some creative license to fill in the blanks.

  • Full Pattern Recovery
  • Repair All Damage and Flaws
  • Replace Patches or Re-paper the Whole Wall
  • Personalized Touches: Add/Edit Custom Colors

"Preserving a Piece of History"

"We were emotionally invested in the restoration of my grandmother's old townhouse. The bedroom wallpapers had been exposed to the elements for years, leaving behind only tattered fragments. We searched what felt like the entire internet before stumbling across Fine Print, and that's when everything clicked. One conversation with Joseph was all it took. His team was very confident about the replica, and ultimately did an amazing job rebuilding every last square inch of the design. Now grandma's house feels like it did a generation ago and we could not be more pleased."

Carl Turner from Nashville, TN


"A Wallpaper Rennaissance"

"Our boutique's vintage wallpaper was almost wiped out by a flood. Searching on Google was no help and none of the print shops were replying to us. The only exception was Fine Print, who called us the same day we emailed them. From that point onward every problem, question and challenge was handled with utmost professionalism. Joseph and Steven were miraculously able to replicate our wallpaper. Even the most damaged and faded parts were brought back to life, it was uncanny how they were able to restore from such a bad sample. Truly amazing."

Margaret Desantis from Dallas, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you recreate a wallpaper with missing sections?

Our restoration process involves a meticulous assessment of the incomplete wallpaper. Our first step is to see if the complete pattern can be found in any online archives. Even if the images are not the best quality or resolution, they are often enough for our artists to pull the layout and concept.

If no historical images are found, our historians find comparable patterns from the same era and style from which to draw inspiration. Our team of illustrators use these style references, along with the original fragments in order to draw, paint and color the missing pieces by hand.

Regardless of the method or source, we always manage to create a seamless integration with your original wallpaper, so it feels as authentic and accurate as possible.

Do you offer options for visualizing the completed wallpaper before printing?

We offer two forms of visualization

Digital Proofs

This is the first line of quality control. We send you a PDF or screenshot of the restred pattern, so you can provide any feedback before we move to Phase 2.

Press Proofs (Printed Samples)

Once you sign off on a digital proof, we print the pattern on the material of your choosing (our production managers can help you make this decision as well) and send it directly to you for review. As a policy we never print final rolls until you sign off on a physical copy and are 100% satisfied with how it looks and feels.

Can you match colors accurately when restoring torn or faded sections?

Absolutely. Our color-matching expertise ensures accurate restoration of torn or faded sections. We use advanced techniques to replicate the original colors, preserving the historical accuracy of the wallpaper. Sometimes this requires printing multiple panels because different parts of the wall have distinct discolorations. Regardless of the state of your original wall, we have extensive experience on heritage/landmark projects where such accuracy is paramount.

Is there a limit to the size or complexity of incomplete patterns you can recreate?

No, there is no strict limit. Our skilled craftsmen can recreate wallpapers of various sizes and complexities. Whether it's a small missing fragment or a larger section, we're equipped to handle diverse challenges in incomplete patterns. Do keep in mind that the price of this service is directly influenced by the size of the pattern, number of colors and amount of restoration required.

How long does the process take from assessing the incomplete wallpaper to delivery?

On average, this process can take anywhere from weeks to months depending on complexity of design and how much of it is missing. After assessing the incomplete wallpaper, we provide a detailed timeline for the restoration process. Our goal is to deliver the recreated wallpaper efficiently without compromising quality.

Can you recreate wallpapers from photographs or partial samples?

We've recreated wallpapers off everything from polaroids and old family pictures to printed magazines and newspapers. The accuracy of the final piece always depends on the quality of the original, but it's very rare that we have to flat out refuse a job due to an incapacity for reproduction. Many of our clients are very happy when we give them the good news that their project is possible to reproduce. You'd be surprised what can be recreated when you have a team of talented designers, historians and printers working together in synergy.

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