Wallpaper Scanning Services

Scan your old, vintage and out of print wallpapers with high definition graphics, accurate color matching and photo enhancing services. We work with homeowners, interior renovators and designers to create faithful reproductions of their wallpapers, thanks to state of the art equipment and decades of experience.

  • Wallpaper Pattern & Mural Scanning
  • Oversize & Large Format Scanning
  • Color Matching + Samples
  • Photo Restoration & Retouching
Please Note: This service is reserved for wallpapers only.
We do not scan artwork, canvases, prints, photographs or documents.

Impeccable Detail and Quality

Our high definition scanners capture the tiniest details right down to a human hair. This provides sharp details when reprinting, while also allowing us to upsize your wallpaper patterns, designs and murals.

  • Max Resolution: 2000 pixels per inch
  • Increase Original Size up to 600%
  • Captures texture and finer details
  • Images cleaned/retouched by hand

Color Matching & Separation

Print accurate reproductions of all CMYK-compatible colors. Scanning alone will get you most of the way there, plenty of clients are happy with the results. But there are occasions where color matching is a core concern and this is why we recommend our color separation services, which bring a whole new dimension to the art of color matching.

Color Variants

Our designers isolate each color of your wallpaper onto separate layers of a Photoshop document, making it fast and easy to create alternate colorways.

Color Books

For projects where color matching is critical, we recommend standardized color systems, like Pantone, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and more.

NOTE: Not all colors or finishes can be scanned and/or reprinted. Artwork with metallic/fluorescent inks will be converted into CMYK. Your mileage may vary when scanning specialty images or spot colors.


Scan, Enhance and Print Copies of Your Wallpaper


High Definition Digital Scanners

Difference Between Drum Scanners & Cruse Scanners

The main difference between drum scanning and Cruse scanning is the method of scanning. Drum scanning rotates the wallpaper sample while the scanner head remains stationary, while Cruse scanning moves the scanner head across the stationary artwork. Cruse scanners, on the other hand, use a scanning device mounted on an automated arm, making it better suited for scanning flat, textured surfaces, such as fabrics, wallpaper, and tiles.

The choice between these two scanning methods depends on the specific requirements of the project, such as the size,texture, and level of detail required. Our scanning professionals decide which approach to use on a a case-by-case basis

Customer Profiles: The People We Work With

Homeowners, Contractors & Interior Designers

Renovations often lead to discoveries of ancient wallpaper designs, long thought extinct. This is usually when we get the call to restore damaged samples, which is our most-requested specialty. You send a sample, we scan and digitally repair it, and send you a printable file which works with any printshop.

Print samples or entire rolls of old wallpaper

We take the guesswork out of turning ancient samples into mint-condition, fully installable wallpaper. You'll also get live press samples for review. It's the best way to experience the quality, material and texture of the final product before you decide to pull the trigger.

Note: While installation is not a service we offer, much of our work is geared towards making this process as straightforward as possible for installers. The use of panel schematics, online guides and our availability for direct consultation go a long way towards making this process approachable and efficient.


Museums & Galleries

More and more artists are discovering that custom wallpaper is a powerful creative medium. Printing your own custom graphics on a variety of wallcoverings provides a whole new dimension of artistic expression, including murals, immersive installations and photowall prints

Print Your Scans on Canvas & Wallpaper

We on a variety of textured materials (canvas, vinyl or paper) Extra large rolls are available - up to 48"x96" which opens up a lot of creative possibilities.

NOTE: All wallcoverings are code compliant and thoroughly tested for durability, safety & environmental impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to scan and digitize wallpapers?

Upon receipt of your wallpapers, scanning and digitizing them will take from 2-4 business days + ground shipping to your location.

Will the scanning process damage or harm my original wallpaper?

Our reputable wallpaper scanning services use non-invasive scanning techniques that do not harm or damage your original wallpaper in any way. Our couriers are also familiar with the delicate nature of our work so extra care us given at every step when handling your original samples.

Will my wallpapers be fixed, cleaned, or retouched by scanning them?

Scanning only captures the detail of your original wallpaper. That said, we do offer retouching, restoration, and color correction as an additional service. Our team of professional retouchers and illutrators are skilled and experienced at refurbishing old designs and even filling our missing sections.

How can I convert my wallpaper into digital format?

Ship us your wallpapers - we will scan them into high-resolution files which will be sent to your email. Your original wallpapers will be sent back to the original address. NOTE: All mailings are done securely to protect items and will require a signature for delivery.

Can scanned wallpaper be printed or reproduced at different sizes?

We can scan up to 600ppi (pixels per inch) which means we can actually double the size of your originals. Scaling them down is also an option.

What is your maximum scan size?

Our Kruse scanners are specially equipped to handle up to 48"x 96". Large format scanning is one of our most requested services, especially for vintage or out-of-print wallpapers.

Can scanning capture the colors and details of my wallpaper accurately?

On its own, scanning will come pretty close, but for accurate matching, the files will need to be color seprated and tuned by hand, a service which is provided separately.

What file formats are commonly used for scanned wallpaper?

Scanned wallpaper is often saved in popular file formats such as TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) or high-quality JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group).

Do I have to use your printing service or can I take my scan to another printer?

Most of our clients do tend to stick with us quality control and convenience, however you can totally reprint the digital files we provide with the print shop of your choice.

Can I request specific adjustments or enhancements to the scanned images?

Yes, many wallpaper scanning services offer additional image editing and enhancement options, allowing you to adjust colors, contrast, or remove any imperfections if desired.

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