Print Custom, Rare & Discontinued Metallic Wallpapers

Whether printing a bespoke design or replicating the effects of vintage rolls, metallic wallpaper is a great and modern solution for creating walls that shine.

  • Authentic Metallic Aesthetic
  • Print Any Color in CMYK (Millions of Colors)
  • Durable, Long Lasting and Easy to Clean
  • Fade Resistant Inks

Metallic Wallpaper That Shines

Whether you're looking to restore a historic space or breathe new life into a timeless design, our unique printing process adds a dynamic appeal to all types of spaces and lighting conditions.

Give your wallpaper decor the platinum treatment - highlight decorative areas of your design to shine with authentic brilliance. The creative possibilities are limitless.

Color Match Your Decor

Yes we can match your wall paint! Send us the sample or chip number of the color you desire from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams or Pantone and we will spot match it with our full color printing facilities.

Take the guesswork out of your project. Send us your artwork or a sample to replicate and you can order a small press proof for review before placing your order.

How We Print Colors on Metallic Wallpaper

Traditional wallpapers tend to use metallic inks. Our shop uses metallic rolls as a printable base. The authenticity and durability of the metallic effect is quite pronounced and dramatic, especially when paired with hi definition printing.

A layer of solid white ink is printed as a base, or "primer". The ink is UV sensitive and instantly cured by a lamp mounted on the press, preparing the roll for full color printing.

CMYK inks are then printed on top of this on top of the white ink, providing a wide spectrum of vivid colors which are heightened and accented by the surrounding shine of the roll itself.


Browse Our Metallic Collection

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Sleek, Reflective Glossy Elegance
Bling Wallpaper
Sparkling Elegance for Any Luxurious Space
Deja Vu
Crafting Illusions with Fractal Lens Wallcoverings
Gold Flash Wallcovering
Reflective Metallic Sophistication
Platinum Wallcovering
Textured Metallic with Natural Elegance
Rave Wallpaper
Vibrant Colorful Effects & Reflective Patterns
Satara Pearl Wallcoverings
A Luxurious Pearlescent Sheen
Silver Flash Wallcovering
A Radiant Flash Chrome Finish
Silver Odyssey Wallcovering
A Journey in Reflective Design

Real Stories, Real People


"A Metallic Marvel"

"Seeking a unique touch for my contemporary home, I turned to Fine Print to create a custom metallic wallpaper design. Their team's creativity and attention to detail resulted in a stunning masterpiece that seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with a touch of metallic elegance. The metallic elements added a luxurious depth to my space, elevating the ambiance to a whole new level. Their expertise transformed my walls into works of art."

Isabella Cruz from Miami, FL


"A Shimmering Symphony"

"Longing to bring a touch of sophistication to my living room, I entrusted Fine Print to recreate a discontinued metallic wallpaper design in silver tones. Their meticulous approach and dedication to authenticity shone through in every shimmering detail. The silver accents now dance across my walls, casting a mesmerizing glow that captivates all who enter."

Oliver Thompson from Portland, OR


"Pearl Perfection Resurrected"

"Discovering a vintage pearl wallpaper design that spoke to my soul, I sought out Fine Print to recreate its timeless elegance. Their expertise in metallic printing brought this delicate pattern back to life with a modern twist. The subtle pearl accents now grace my walls, infusing them with a contemporary flair has truly transformed my space into a haven of elegance and charm."

Evelyn Harper from New Orleans, LA


"Golden Glow of Nostalgia"

"Recreating a cherished metallic wallpaper from my childhood home was a sentimental journey made seamless by Fine Print. Their ability to capture the essence of the original gold tones and intricate patterns was nothing short of magical. The golden glow now radiates through my space, evoking memories of days gone by while infusing a touch of nostalgia into my modern decor."

Lucas Rodriguez from Los Angeles, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the printed finish durable and long-lasting on metallic wallpaper?

Our advanced printing techniques and premium materials ensure that the colors and the metallic finish remain vibrant. We use state-of-the-art inks that are UV-cured, providing excellent adhesion and resistance to fading or peeling.

How does your printing process differ from traditional metallic ink printing?

THe traditional method prints metallic inks along with CMYK. Our process instead prints a layer of white and CMYK colors on a metallic surface.

Are there any advantages to printing metallic inks as opposed to this method?

Metallic inks come in a wider variety of colors and can also be applied to embossed (raised) prints. They are also more costly to produce. By contrast printing on metallic wallcoverings does limit colors and can only offer flat metallic surfaces, but is decidedly more budget friendly.

What metallic finishes do you offer?

We offer Gold Flash, Silver Flash, Black Flash, Silver Odyssey, Satara Pearl, Bling, Rave and Deja Vu

Can I customize the color palette of the metallic elements?

We can print colors on top of the metallic without the underlying white layer to tint it, but generally speaking, anypkace the ink is not printed, the basic color of the wallpaper will shine through and this cannot be modified.

Can you recreate a specific discontinued metallic wallpaper?

As long as the original does not feature embossed (raised) metallic textures, it is very likely that we can reproduce it. Please send your photos to for evaluation and an estimate of reproduction cost.

Can you handle complex or intricate wallpaper patterns?

Our state of the art press can print at 1000dpi, replicating the finest of details. Even a human hair or stray pencil line can be printed with stunning and life-like clarity.

Do you offer installation services or guidance?

We are printers and designers whose focus is exclusivle on producing and replicating wallpaper. By not involving ourselves in the installation process we allow a higher level of focus and quality control on our work, whose authenticity is often mission critical. That said, our wallcovering are wholly compatible with standard installation practices known to most contractors and we do offer preparation guides and schematics to aid in the planning and execution of your install.

How do I get started with designing my custom metallic wallpaper?

The same way you design any wallpaper. The difference is that any piece of the design which is left blank, is where the metallic material will shine through. You can also print colors directly on top of the metallics for a unique tinting effect. YOu also have the option for printing purely white shapes, or color on top of white to make them far more vivid and opaque.

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