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We print custom wallpaper designs in high definition on a variety of textures, finishes and specialties. These materials are durable, easy to clean, install or uninstall. They're also fire safe and free of VOC emissions.

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Standard Wallpapers

The usual array of matte, satin and gloss finishes on pure white for maximum color brightness

Classic Wallpaper
Timeless Elegance & Versatility in Modern Design
Luster Wallpaper
Transform Your Space with Elegance and Durability
Matte Wallpaper
Sophistication Meets Durability for Stylish Interior Design

Eco-Friendly Wallpapers

Made from 31 percent post consumer recycled materials, PVC-Free, low VOC’s, and can contribute to various LEED credits

Terralon Regatta
Terralon Smooth

Paper Inspired Textures

A variety of textures and finishes that emulate various paper types ranging from fine to coarse

Mystical Wallpaper
Enchanting Textures for Stylish and Sustainable Interiors
Nolar Wallpaper
Eco-Friendly, Decorative Style, and All-Purpose Decor
Nolar Sailcloth Wallpaper
The Epitome of Eco-Chic Sophistication for Interiors

Organic Textures

A collection of uniform finishes that look and feel like natural surfaces, including sand, stone, leather and more

Bondi Sands

Fabric Textures

Vinyl texture that emulates popular fabric surfaces suitable for art canvases and more

Artist Canvas
Criss Cross

Metallic & Iridescent Wallpapers

Shiny, reflective metal surfaces that can be printed with full color inks.

Gold Flash
Satara Pearl
Silver Flash
Silver Odyssey

Specialty Wallpapers

A selection of more unusual finishes and effects for experimental projects

Black Flash
Deja Vu
All images courtesy of Dreamscape Digital Wallcoverings

NOTE: All Materials are Fully Compliant with Building Regulations.

Fire Resistant Promotes Air Quality
Vapor Permeable Tested for Durability
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Material Types Listing

Material NameMaterial Types
Artist Canvas20 oz Type 2
Beads20 oz Type 2
Black Flash20 oz Type 2
Bling20 oz Type 2
Bondi Sands20 oz Type 2
BrilliantSelf Adhesive: Removable, 13 mm, 15 oz
Cabretta20 oz Type 2
Canvas15 oz Type 1,20 oz Type 2
CaviarSelf Adhesive: Removable, 13 mm, 15 oz
Classic Wallpaper: Timeless Elegance & Versatility in Modern DesignSelf Adhesive: Removable, 11 mm, 15 oz
Criss Cross20 oz Type 2
Deja Vu20 oz Type 2
Duralon20 oz Type 2
Gold Flash20 oz Type 2
Grasscloth20 oz Type 2
Luster Wallpaper: Transform Your Space with Elegance and Durability20 oz Type 2
Mason13oz Type 1
Matte Wallpaper: Sophistication Meets Durability for Stylish Interior Design15 oz Type 1,20 oz Type 2
Mystical Wallpaper: Enchanting Textures for Stylish and Sustainable Interiors15 oz Type 1,20 oz Type 2
Nolar Wallpaper: Eco-Friendly, Decorative Style, and All-Purpose Decor8 oz
Nolar Sailcloth Wallpaper: The Epitome of Eco-Chic Sophistication for Interiors8 oz
Pique20 oz Type 2
Plaster20 oz Type 2
Platinum20 oz Type 2
Prisma20 oz Type 2
Rave20 oz Type 2
RavelloSelf Adhesive: Removable, 13 mm, 15 oz
Sandblast20 oz Type 2
Satara Pearl20 oz Type 2
Silk20 oz Type 2
Silver Flash20 oz Type 2
Silver Odyssey20 oz Type 2
Suede15 oz Type 1,20 oz Type 2
Terralon13 oz
Terralon Regatta13 oz
Terralon Smooth13 oz

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Frequently Asked Questions

Material Considerations

How versatile is vinyl wallpaper in terms of design and maintenance?

Vinyl wallpaper excels in design versatility and maintenance, making it a top choice for various settings. Its wide range of designs, patterns, and colors, along with the ability to mimic different textures, caters to diverse interior styles. Renowned for durability, it's ideal for high-traffic and commercial areas, resisting wear and tear effectively. Its moisture-resistant quality suits humid environments like kitchens and bathrooms, while ease of cleaning ensures hassle-free maintenance.

Additionally, vinyl's fade resistance preserves its vibrancy, even under sunlight exposure. Health and safety are enhanced with fire-resistant treatments and low VOC emissions. The longevity of vinyl wallpaper, outlasting other types, offers a cost-effective solution for long-term interior design needs. Combining practicality with style, vinyl wallpaper stands out as a functional yet fashionable option for both residential and commercial interiors.

What are the advantages of using Traditional/Non-adhesive back wallpaper?

Traditional or non-adhesive back wallpaper presents multiple benefits. It's typically more durable than peel-and-stick varieties, ensuring longevity. This wallpaper type offers a diverse range of textures and finishes, some of which are not achievable with adhesive-backed alternatives. When applied with suitable adhesive, it yields a smooth, professional finish, effectively blending with the wall.

It's particularly adept at concealing wall imperfections due to its thickness and method of application. The wet paste application allows for repositioning, facilitating precise alignment. Many traditional wallpapers are eco-friendly, made from natural materials and using sustainable inks. Their durability and timeless appeal make them a long-term investment in property aesthetics. These attributes position traditional wallpaper as a top choice for those prioritizing durability, variety in aesthetics, and professional-grade finishes in interior design.

What are the advantages of using adhesive back vs traditional/Non-adhesive back wallpaper for short term installations?

Adhesive back (peel-and-stick) wallpaper is advantageous for short-term installations compared to traditional non-adhesive options. It simplifies installation, eliminating the need for additional adhesives or pastes, and is ideal for quick, temporary setups.

This wallpaper type facilitates DIY installation, negating the requirement for professional assistance. It's easily removable, leaving no residue and ensuring no wall damage, perfect for rentals or temporary events. Some varieties are reusable, allowing for removal and reapplication. This option is time and cost-efficient, reducing expenses and effort in installation and removal. Additionally, its versatility extends to various surfaces, enhancing temporary aesthetics. Conversely, traditional wallpaper, suited for long-term use, demands more installation and removal effort, making it less suitable for short-term applications.

What are the advantages of using adhesive back vs traditional/Non-adhesive back wallpaper for long term installations?

For long-term installations, traditional non-adhesive back wallpaper generally outperforms adhesive back varieties in several aspects. Its durability makes it less prone to peeling or degradation, ensuring suitability for extended use. When applied with proper adhesive, it provides a professional, seamless finish, adept at hiding wall imperfections due to superior application methods and material quality. Traditional wallpapers offer a broader range of textures, finishes, and high-quality designs, enhancing long-term interior aesthetics. They are often more moisture-resistant, particularly vinyl-based options, ideal for humid environments like bathrooms and kitchens.

Additionally, traditional wallpapers frequently present eco-friendly choices, utilizing natural materials and sustainable inks. Despite a higher initial installation cost, their longevity often translates to greater cost-effectiveness over time. Conversely, adhesive back wallpapers, favored for their installation ease and removability, are better suited for temporary or short-term applications, especially in scenarios requiring frequent decor changes or in rental properties where permanent modifications are impractical.

Can wallpaper be used for more than just wall coverings?

Wallpaper's versatility extends beyond walls, enhancing interiors creatively. Use it for ceiling accents, transforming spaces with dramatic effects. Revitalize furniture like bookshelves or dressers by applying wallpaper for a unique touch. Create affordable, customizable large-scale art by framing wallpaper sections. Add design elements to doors, or use as a temporary, cost-effective backsplash in kitchens and bathrooms.

Transform staircases into statement pieces with wallpaper on risers. In open-plan areas, wallpapered dividers add decorative flair. Shelf and drawer linings with wallpaper inject color and pattern, enhancing aesthetics. Create depth with accent panels in niches using wallpaper. For flexible decor, mount wallpaper on panels or canvases, allowing for easy changes. Wallpaper's adaptability offers unique, personalized interior design solutions.

What makes grasscloth wallpaper unique?

Grasscloth wallpaper, a unique innovation in wallcoverings, merges natural beauty with practicality. This Type II fabric-backed vinyl combines organic aesthetics with robust durability, ideal for both high-end residential and commercial spaces. Its deep texture adds timeless charm, perfect for custom-designed walls. Compatible with various printing systems like Solvent, Eco-solvent, UV, and Latex, Grasscloth offers creative versatility for the inkjet community.

It stands out with its Type II certification for scrubbability and wear resistance, suitable for medium to heavy-duty applications. Additionally, its Class A fire rating and NFPA compliance for smoke development ensure safety in public spaces. Grasscloth transcends traditional wallcoverings, offering a blend of artistic potential and functional excellence, making it a top choice for spaces where aesthetics and performance are equally important.

Design, Quality & Timeline Concerns

Are there size limitations for custom wallpaper printing?

Custom wallpaper printing may have size limitations based on the technology and materials used. Typically, large-format printers produce up to 54" wide continuous rolls, suitable for most walls. For exceptionally large or unique dimensions, the wallpaper might be printed in sections and seamlessly assembled during installation.

Consulting with the printing provider is crucial to understand their capabilities and any size restrictions. They can guide you on the maximum dimensions for a single print and offer solutions for larger areas. Being aware of these potential limitations is key to ensuring the final wallpaper product aligns with your space's size and design requirements.

Can you accommodate custom sizes for wallpaper printing?

Custom sizes for wallpaper printing are achievable with our 54" press. We optimize roll usage by dividing panels into 27" widths, enhancing efficiency and reducing waste. This method is cost-effective and eco-friendly, minimizing material excess. Should customers need larger dimensions, we're equipped to fulfill these requests, though additional costs for the unutilized material may apply.

We ensure any waste from this process is recycled, upholding our commitment to sustainability. Clients desiring specific custom sizes are encouraged to consult with us. We aim to deliver tailored solutions, balancing environmental considerations with cost-effectiveness. Our approach ensures clients receive customized wallpaper printing that aligns with their unique requirements while maintaining environmental responsibility.

How do you ensure color fidelity in large format digital wallpaper printing?

To ensure color fidelity in large format digital wallpaper printing, a multi-step approach is employed. Regular calibration of printing equipment is crucial for accurate color reproduction. We use high-quality inks known for consistent color output and resistance to fading. Color profiling is conducted for each printer and paper type, guaranteeing precise color accuracy.

We provide printed proofs for client approval, ensuring color matching before the final print. Advanced printing technology is utilized for exact color control. Additionally, skilled technicians with expertise in quality control oversee the printing process, conducting thorough checks for color accuracy. These combined efforts ensure that the final wallpaper product faithfully matches the client's color expectations, maintaining high standards of quality and fidelity.

Can you provide same-day printing for urgent wallpaper projects?

Same-day printing is available for urgent wallpaper projects, catering to tight deadlines and last-minute requests. To ensure optimal results, provide high-resolution, print-ready files for quality output. It's crucial to confirm the printing service's capacity for same-day orders, considering cut-off times and press schedules.

Be mindful of potential limitations in size, quantity, customization, and proofing options with same-day printing. Expect premium pricing for this expedited service. Coordinate delivery, possibly utilizing in-house same-day messenger services, to receive the finished product promptly. Understanding these aspects ensures same-day wallpaper printing is a feasible option for urgent needs, balancing speed with quality and practical considerations.

How do you handle expedited shipping for wallpaper orders?

For expedited wallpaper orders, we prioritize rapid processing and printing, ensuring minimal delay in production. Once printed, wallpapers are quickly and meticulously packaged for immediate dispatch. We collaborate with reliable shipping carriers for the fastest possible transit. Each order is accompanied by a tracking number, allowing you to monitor its progress and estimated delivery time.

Our customer service team remains available to address any queries or concerns about your expedited shipment. This streamlined approach is designed to meet tight deadlines, delivering your wallpaper promptly without compromising on our high-quality standards. Our goal is to ensure your project remains on track with efficient and reliable delivery.

Environmental Concerns

What are the benefits of using vinyl for wallpaper in commercial settings?

Vinyl wallpaper in commercial settings offers multiple advantages. Its durability makes it suitable for high-traffic areas, resisting wear and tear effectively. Being moisture-resistant, it's ideal for environments like kitchens and bathrooms. The ease of cleaning these wallpapers aids in maintaining hygiene and appearance in commercial spaces. Vinyl wallpapers generally last longer than traditional paper ones, providing a durable investment. They offer a wide range of designs, textures, and colors, enhancing interior aesthetics. Many are fire-resistant, contributing to safety in commercial environments. Additionally, vinyl wallpapers are easier to install and remove, minimizing renovation downtime. These features make vinyl wallpaper a favored choice in commercial interiors, offering a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Are there any special considerations for wallpaper installation in high-moisture areas?

Installing wallpaper in high-moisture areas requires strategic choices to ensure longevity and prevent damage. Key considerations include using moisture-resistant materials like vinyl, which effectively combat humidity and mold. Wall preparation is crucial; walls must be dry and primed with moisture-resistant products. High-quality, water-resistant adhesives are essential to avert peeling.

Proper ventilation is vital, especially in bathrooms or kitchens, to manage humidity levels. Sealing wallpaper edges with silicone caulk near water sources is a proactive measure against water seepage. Regular maintenance, such as inspecting for moisture damage, is critical for preserving the wallpaper's integrity. These collective measures guarantee the effective installation and durability of wallpaper in moisture-prone areas.

How does the masking tape transfer method work for wallpaper installation?

The masking tape transfer method streamlines wallpaper installation, ensuring precise positioning and alignment. Initially, the wall is cleaned and prepped. Wallpaper is then measured and cut to fit the wall's dimensions. Masking tape, acting as a temporary adhesive, is applied to the wallpaper's back.

This allows the wallpaper, now with masking tape, to be positioned against the wall, facilitating easy adjustment without permanent adherence. Accurate alignment is key, especially for intricate designs. Once aligned, the wallpaper is peeled back, permanent adhesive is applied, and the wallpaper is smoothly affixed to the wall. The masking tape is then removed, securing the wallpaper in its exact position. This technique is especially beneficial for detailed patterns or DIY projects requiring repositioning.

How do your wallpaper materials rank for air quality and safety?

Our printable wallcoverings are put through rigorous testing and inspection to ensure that they meet and exceed all building code requirements. The use of non-toxic vinyl, in conjunction with UV-cured inks also eliminates the possibility of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Our wallpapers are perfectly safe and hygienic for use in all environments, including day care centers, urgent care, nursing homes or any other space where air quality is a principal concern.

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