Recreate Discontinued Wallpaper

Are you tirelessly seeking an elusive discontinued wallpaper which seems to have vanished into thin air? Your search may be over. We specialize in replicating and restoring wallpaper from any era. Whether it’s an Edwardian print from the 1800s or an art deco pattern from the roaring 20s, we have the know how and skills to bring antique wallpapers back to life.

  • Recreate Wallpaper from a Sample or Photograph
  • Restore Old, Dirty or Damaged Wallpapers
  • Recreate Incomplete Wallpaper Samples
  • See a Printed Sample Before Printing Your Rolls

Reviving Lost Wallpapers Is Our Specialty

Here's a List of the Most Popular Wallpaper & Design Brands


A Word on Copyrights & Reproductions

As a company of artists and historians, we understand the importance of honoring the licenses and intellectual property of our fellow manufacturers. Fine Print will never reproduce a wallpaper that is currently being produced or stocked. We recommend going to the source whenever possible. In cases where a conclusion cannot be reached on the status of a particular design, the client must sign a waver to assume liability and prevent them from selling or re-distributing old wallpapers outside the public domain. Our service is specifically aimed at home and business owners seeking to design a particular solution for their decor needs.

Bradbury & BradburyIn Business

Established in 1979, this wallpaper company specialized in reproducing historic patterns, particularly from the Victorian and Arts & Crafts periods. They played a significant role in the revival and preservation of these classic styles, catering to enthusiasts of historical and period interior design. Bradbury & Bradbury's commitment to traditional printing techniques and historical accuracy has made them a beloved brand among those looking to bring a touch of historical elegance to their homes.


Essef Décors MurauxOut of Business

Established in 1957, Essef was a french wallpaper manufacturer known for its unique and modernist designs in its collaboration with french artists. Inspired by nature, flora and fauna, its collections was noteworthy for a diverse number of aesthetics and renderingstyles. Despite its impactful designs and contribution to the wallpaper industry, Essef eventually ceased operations in May of 2006, leaving behind a legacy of creativity which lives on in museums, histrical societies and private collections.

Gracie StudioIn Business

Established in 1898 and celebrated for its exquisite hand-painted wallpapers Gracie's wallpapers are renowned for their artistry and elegance among high-end decorators and discerning clients. The studio has maintained its reputation for quality and luxury by blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design sensibilities. THe company continues to operate as a family owned business, creating bespoke wallpapers that transform spaces into works of art, cherished in homes and establishments worldwide.


Jeffrey & CompanyOut of Business

Founded in London circa 1836, Jeffrey & Company gained prominence for its high-quality wallpapers. The company was particularly noted for its collaboration with William Morris. The company employed prominent designers of the era - including Walter Crane, Lewis F. Day, B. J. Talbert and C. F. A. Voysey. It won numerous medals and prizes at international exhibitions and was instrumental in popularizing historical wallpaper designs all the way up until its closure during the 1930s.

John Line & SonsOut of Business

Founded in 1860, John Line was a significant player in the British wallpaper industry. Known for their quality craftsmanship and elegant designs, they catered to the Victorian era's taste for ornate and detailed wallpapers. The company's wallpapers were a staple in many British homes, showcasing a blend of traditional and innovative designs. Over the years, the company faced evolving trends and market demands, eventually leading to its closure in 1988, but their wallpapers remain a part of British design history.


Katzenbach & WarrenOut of Business

Established in the 1940s as a major producer of wallpapers and fabrics for Colonial Williamsburg and Historic Charleston Foundation, this company would eventually blur the line between wallpaper and fine art due to creative collaborations with famous artists including Jon Miro, Henri Matisse, Alexander Calder, and Matta - creating original works of art for limited edition silk screen prints. While the company closed in the 1960s, their book of Victorian Dollhouse Wallpapers continues in publication.

Laura AshleyIn Business

Founded by Laura Ashley and her husband Bernard in 1953, the company initially started by producing furnishing materials, including wallpaper, in their London flat. These wallpaper designs were distinctive for their romantic, Victorian-inspired floral patterns, bringing a taste of the English countryside into homes around the world. The brand's enduring appeal lies in its ability to blend traditional designs with contemporary living, making Laura Ashley wallpapers a timeless choice for home decoration.


Morris & CompanyIn Business

Founded in the late 19th century by the renowned British artist and designer, William Morris significantly influenced the wallpaper industry with its distinctive, nature-inspired designs. Morris revolutionized the wallpaper industry with his emphasis on natural dyes and traditional block-printing, bringing an artisanal quality to each design. The company was known for its hand-printed wallpapers featuring intricate floral and fauna patterns, which were a stark contrast to the mass-produced wallpapers of that era.

Raymond WaitesOut of Business

Launching his brand in 1994, Raymond Waites rapidly established himself as a key figure in the world of home decor, synonymous with style, comfort, and a unique flair for blending the classic with the contemporary. His wallpapers, in particular, garnered acclaim for their remarkable ability to transform any room, infusing it with warmth, character, and a distinct sense of both domestic comfort and utmost elegance, until his passing in November of 2023.


WaverlyIn Business

Since its establishment in 1923 by F. Schumacher & Co, Waverly has emerged as a distinguished leader in the wallpaper sector, renowned for its embodiment of classic American elegance. The brand's wallpaper collections are distinguished by their enduring designs, featuring lively hues and distinctive floral prints. Waverly has remained a trendsetter, capturing the quintessential American aesthetic and spanning a wide array of home decor products which remain iconic to this day.

Sanderson & SonsIn Business

Founded in 1860 by Arthur Sanderson, Sanderson & Sons was launched as an importer of French wallpapers, the company quickly expanded into producing its own designs in London. Sanderson's early success was marked by its high-quality wallpapers, which often featured intricate floral patterns, a signature style that became synonymous with the brand. In 1924, the company was granted a Royal Warrant as Purveyors of Wallpapers to King George V, a testament to its prestige and quality.


SchumacherIn Business

Founded in New York City in 1889 by Frederic Schumacher, this company is renowned for their exquisite patterns, vibrant colors, and innovative styles. Schumacher's offerings have adorned the interiors of the White House and numerous historic and landmark buildings, reflecting its status as a staple in the American design industry. Throughout its history, the company has skillfully balanced tradition with modernity, ensuring its designs remain relevant and sought after in the ever-evolving world of interior décor.

Sears & RoebuckIn Business

Founded in 1892, Sears initially thrived as a mail-order catalog business, which included a wide range of home goods, among them wallpaper. Their catalogs, widely circulated across the United States, brought fashionable and affordable wallpaper designs to the American public, democratizing home decoration catering to the diverse tastes of the growing middle class. Sears would play a large role in defining the aesthetic of American homes throughout the 20th century until eventually filing for bankruptcy in 2018. Their wallpapers still enjoy significant demand as their nostalgic value cannot be denied.


Thomas StrahanIn Business

Thomas Strahan, established in the late 19th century, was one of America's most esteemed wallpaper manufacturers. Founded by Thomas Strahan in Massachusetts, the company quickly earned a reputation for producing high-quality, luxurious wallpapers. Strahan's designs were known for their elegance and richness, often featuring intricate patterns and a classic aesthetic that appealed to a discerning clientele, becoming a symbol of American taste and sophistication in interior design.

WallquestIn Business

Established in 1976, has made a significant mark in the wallpaper industry with its diverse and innovative design offerings catering to a wide array of aesthetic preferences. Their reputation for quality, combined with an eye for emerging design trends, has positioned them as a go-to brand for high end interior designers and decorators. Wallquest continues to thrive by constantly updating its collections with fresh, stylish designs, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of the wallpaper market.


Zuber & CieIn Business

Founded in 1797 in Rixheim, France, the company was renowned for its exquisite hand-blocked panoramic wallpapers and scenic murals. Zuber & Cie's wallpapers were highly sought after by the elite. One of their most famous creations, "Views of North America" was installed in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House in Washington, D.C. Despite its eventual closure, Zuber & Cie's legacy continues, as their historic designs remain highly valued by collectors and enthusiasts of classic wallpaper art.

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"Resurrecting Wallpaper Elegance"

"When I discovered my favorite floral print wallpaper was out of production, I was devastated since my entire decor was planned around it. Fine Print turned that disappointment into joy by not only replicating the wallpaper but enhancing it beautifully. They perfected every detail, creating a product that feels like a genuine tribute to the original. Initially skeptical, I am now thrilled by the result and the extraordinary skill of their team."

Grace Kensington from Savannah, GA


"Replicating the Elusive"

"After an exhausting search for a discontinued wallpaper, Fine Print ended my quest with a stroke of genius. Their commitment to preserving every color and detail was evident from the first sample. Inspired by the beauty of their work, I adorned my entire home with this design. Each wall now stands as a testament to their ability to revive what was once thought lost, thanks to the meticulous efforts of Joseph and Steven."

Jay Stevenson from Dallas, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

Discontinued Wallpaper Recreation FAQs

Can you recreate wallpaper from a photograph if I have no samples left?

Yes, we can recreate wallpaper from a photograph even if you have no samples remaining. Our experienced team specializes in working from images and can bring your design to life.

Are there limitations to the size of the area you can cover with recreated discontinued wallpaper?

We can recreate discontinued wallpaper for areas of all sizes, from a small accent wall to an entire room. There are no fixed limitations on coverage.

How accurate are color matches with the original discontinued wallpaper?

We strive for color accuracy in our recreations. While it may not be 100% identical, we make every effort to match the colors as closely as possible to the original discontinued wallpaper.

Is it possible to recreate vintage wallpapers that are now considered 'antiques'?

Yes, we can recreate vintage wallpapers, even those considered 'antiques.' We specialize in reviving unique and historic designs.

What's the typical turnaround time for bringing discontinued wallpaper back to life?

Our turnaround time depends on the complexity of the design and the availability of historical data. We aim for efficient delivery, typically within a few weeks.

Can you change the size or colors of discontinued wallpapers?

We offer customization options to adjust the size and colors of discontinued wallpapers to meet your specific needs and preferences.

What's the pricing structure for your discontinued wallpaper recreation service?

Our pricing is based on the intricacy of the design and the size of the area to be covered. Contact us for a personalized quote.

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