Recreate Discontinued Wallpaper

Are you tirelessly seeking an elusive discontinued wallpaper which seems to have vanished into thin air? Your search may be over. We specialize in replicating and restoring wallpaper from any era. Whether it’s an Edwardian print from the 1800s or an art deco pattern from the roaring 20s, we have the know how and skills to bring antique wallpapers back to life.

  • Recreate Wallpaper from a Sample or Photograph
  • Restore Old, Dirty or Damaged Wallpapers
  • Recreate Incomplete Wallpaper Samples
  • See a Printed Sample Before Printing Your Rolls

"Resurrecting Wallpaper Elegance"

"Discovering that my favorite floral print wallpaper was out of production was a huge let-down as I had all my decor planned out. But Fine Print transformed that disappointment into joy and gratitude. They didn't just replicate it; they elevated its aesthetic to a new level. They removed all of the flaws, and everything - from the material to the printing - looks and feels like a truly authentic homage to the original. When I first ran across their site, I thought "This is too good to be true", but after my experience I'm happy to report it was better and easier than I'd imagined. What a unique privilege to work with a team of such gifted artists - I could not be more pleased with the results!"

Grace Kensington from Savannah, GA


"Replicating the Elusive"

"In a maze of online searches and endless calls, I found myself on a fruitless quest to find a wallpaper design that had seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth. Frustration set in and all seemed lost until Fine Print got involved. Their expertise and commitment to accuracy was truly something to behold. Every color, every nuance, was there from the first sample I received. It came out so gorgeous I decided to paper my entire house with it. Now, every glance at my walls feels like a triumph and a reminder that sometimes, what's thought to be lost can be found again. Many thanks to Joseph and Steven for materializing this rare and beautiful print, which has become the envy of my neighbors. "

Jay Stevenson from Dallas, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

Discontinued Wallpaper Recreation FAQs

Can you recreate wallpaper from a photograph if I have no samples left?

Yes, we can recreate wallpaper from a photograph even if you have no samples remaining. Our experienced team specializes in working from images and can bring your design to life.

Are there limitations to the size of the area you can cover with recreated discontinued wallpaper?

We can recreate discontinued wallpaper for areas of all sizes, from a small accent wall to an entire room. There are no fixed limitations on coverage.

How accurate are color matches with the original discontinued wallpaper?

We strive for color accuracy in our recreations. While it may not be 100% identical, we make every effort to match the colors as closely as possible to the original discontinued wallpaper.

Is it possible to recreate vintage wallpapers that are now considered 'antiques'?

Yes, we can recreate vintage wallpapers, even those considered 'antiques.' We specialize in reviving unique and historic designs.

What's the typical turnaround time for bringing discontinued wallpaper back to life?

Our turnaround time depends on the complexity of the design and the availability of historical data. We aim for efficient delivery, typically within a few weeks.

Can you change the size or colors of discontinued wallpapers?

We offer customization options to adjust the size and colors of discontinued wallpapers to meet your specific needs and preferences.

What's the pricing structure for your discontinued wallpaper recreation service?

Our pricing is based on the intricacy of the design and the size of the area to be covered. Contact us for a personalized quote.

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