Restore, Recreate & Reprint Your Favorite Old Wall Paper

We're your go-to solution for breathing new life into old wall paper rolls. Scan & color match your favorite vintage patterns and designs. Restore & Print damaged samples on newer, more durable materials. Large selection of finishes and textures available.

  • Replace Wallpaper Damaged by Water, Mold or Fire
  • Order Wallpaper Rolls that are No Longer Available for Purchase
  • Recreate Wallpaper Patterns from Vintage & Digital Photographs
  • Match Color, Texture and Finish of Your Original Wallpaper
  • Roll Sizes Available in 24", 36" and 48" Widths

To get things moving, please send over sample artwork (a low res file is fine) to, so we can assess the project & prepare a formal estimate.


What We Offer

Professional Scanning: Flatbed and drum scanners are what we use to print every detail. This is a critical part of the process as older wallpaper tends ot have a lot of "character" - many small details and nuances, best captured at the highest possible resolutions (up to 600dpi)

Photo Retouching: We have over 25 years of photo retouching experience and also have propietary AI software to enhance the quality of submitted photos. We also color match and correct your photos.

Illustration & Drawing: Reserved for projects where part of the original design needs to be recreated by trained artist.

Project Management: We reproduce wallpaper daily and have done so for many years. We're equipped to to tackle the unforeseen obstacles and unique challenges of any design.

Sample Printing: It's our company policy to give you a press proof (printed on actual material) to provide an accurate preview of the wallpaper you're purchasing and confirm a match for colors and textures of any wallpaper.

Standard Turnaround: 7-10 Business Days
Rush Service: 3-5 Business Days, contingent on press availabaility projectPlease contact us if your order exceeds 500 sq. feet

Note: Minimum of 50 square feet required.

How The Process Works

Step 1: Project Assessment

The first step of the process is to send us pictures of your wallpaper so our prepress team can confirm ifg this is something we can replicate/reproduce. If this is possible and the budget has been approved the next step is to send in an actual piece of the desired wallpaper.

* A snapshot from a cellphone will suffice to give our studio a rough idea of your requirements. We'll let you know right away if your project is feasible and a good fit for our shop.

We also need the dimensions of the space (height x width) in order to calculate square footage you will need for this project. Once the measurements and artwork have been confirmed prepress can generate PDF files for approval.


Step 2: Scanning & Retouching

After we receive your physical wallpaper sample we will scan it in to digitize your file for printing. This digital file is then sent to our design department, which will ensure that every blemish ( eliminating smudges, stains, rips and other irregularities) is removed and the final artwork is perfected.

Please Note: Due to the amount of damage and incomplete samples some projects require more treatment than others. We will do our best to give you a fixed budget, rather than an hourly rate for this service.

Step 3: Creative Direction

We can work from fragments of old papers and can also recover patterns from a wall without disturbing the original wallpaper.

Our design team is trained to handle projects that require more than scanning and need a professional artist to hand draw missing graphics or patterns. From vintage reproductions to modern recreations of classic patterns, our in-house illustrators can handle this level of artistic production.


Step 4: Printed Sample Review

Your custom press proof samples will be printed on the selected wallpaper material with a number of color options which are labelled for an easy approval process.

Turnaround on samples may take 2-4 business days and multiple sets can be generated and sent out for various members of a team to approve. The cost of these prints also very by size. If we do end up producing your wallpaper, half of that cost will be applied to the final balance.

* We highly recommend reviewing these proofs using natural sunlight and as many forms of indoor lighting can shift the perceived colors of any sample.

Step 5: Wallpaper Material Selection

We offer traditional (non-adhesive) and modern (adhesive backed) wallpaper, also known as peel and stick two different wallcovering types - you can ask for peel & stick. We offer 30 + materials for traditional paper and matte semig gloss or matte laminate finish for peel and stick.

Our project managers will also walk you through the process of choosing a specific material. Whether it's the look/feel handmade paper, fabric, leather or art canvas, you can choose from a total of 31 options to best meet your requirements. Printed samples on multiple stocks are also available upon request.


Step 6: Design & Layout

Once the wallpaper material and colors have been finalized, we will layout the wallpaper to fit your custom space. We'll help you figure out how to divide your surface up into manageable rolls which are easy for installers to work with. We typically provide rolls with at least 1" to 2" overlap avoid any potential gaps between panels. Please have installers specify whether they will overlap or use a butt seam to determine the overlap needed.

In the cases of murals, which require different artwork for each panel, we will label each roll and provide an installation guide to prevent errors and ensure your wallpaper installation goes smoothly.

NOTE: Unfortunately, we do not offer or recommend installation services and focus primarily on printing only. However, we do offer some guidance on wall/surface preparation that can be forwarded to any installer, who can also contact us with any additional questions.

Step 7: Wallpaper Production

Once the color and material have been approved on your press proof we will move into the final steps of the printing process. This usually specifies the exact amount of sqaure footage, height and width of the rolls along with the number of rolls your installer will receive to make the process as clear and straightforward as possible.

Once all preflight checks have been completed and triple checked, we run your design on our digital press which can produce a whopping 1440 dpi - more than enough to deliver pristine graphics and the tiniest details. Even a single human hair can be reproduced with stunning and reliable accuracy.


Before and After of a Damaged Wallpaper Pattern

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Working with Fine Print

Our mission has always been to deliver consistent quality and excellent service. We've spent many years honing our skills and researching technoclogical advantages to stay on top of our industry. We have never spent a dime on advertising, and have organically achieved a page 1 ranking on Google, Bing and all other relevant search engines.

We've recreated hundreds of wallpaper patterns and murals and will work to give you the peace of mind and confidence knowing that your project is in good hands.

We truly love what we do and believe this makes a notable difference in the quality of the work and the overall experience for customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wallpaper Reproduction FAQs

What's the first step in recreating wallpaper designs, how do I get started?

Before we can offer a quote we will need to see the actual wallpaper. It doesn't have to be a high quality photo - a simple snapshot from your mobile phone is enough for us to get an idea of the scope, size and complexity of your unique project.

Do I need an original sample/piece of the wallpaper in order to replicate the pattern/design?

While we do recommend scanning original samples, wallpapers can also be recreated from a photograph.

You can learn more about this process in our article How to Reproduce Existing Wallpaper Designs

What's the typical turnaround time for a wallpaper reproduction project?

Recreating wallpaper is a fairly involved process which includes scanning, digital restoration and creativity from a skilled technician, not to mention color matching, printing samples. Projects always vary by complexity and the level of preparedness that each client brings to the table, so turnaround ranges as follows:

Basic Restoration (Few colors, simple design): 2-4 weeks

Moderate Restoration (4-6 colors, detailed artwork): Average 5-7 weeks

Historic Restoration (Match an existing installation): At least 8 weeks for accuracy and color matching

What's the difference between wallpaper recreation and restoration?

Wallpaper recreation is the art of restoring a wallpaper that is discontinued or out of print. This can be done from an original sample or photo.

Wallpaper restoration is a service we provide to fix incomplete or damaged samples, where some creativity is needed to fill in the the missing sections of the wallpaper design or pattern.

What is the pricing for wallpaper reproductions? Is it based on size, complexity, or other factors?

For pricing we always look at:

1. The condition/quality of the original sampleA piece which is damaged, dirty or incomplete will require more design hours than a pristine copy.

2. The number of colors and importance of accurate matching Since each color must be separated, each additional color adds to production time. If color matching is critical, this will also increase the cost as multiple rounds of samples must be printed.

3. Complexity of the designThe size and intricacy of the wallpaper will determine just how difficult it will be for our artists to isolate all the shapes and colors.

The best way for us to evaluate your project is to have a visual sample of what you're trying to replicate, even if it's a quick snapshot from your mobile phone we'll be able to let you know the scope and timeframe of the project.

How closely can you match my wallpaper? Will I be able to tell the difference?

It depends on the style of wallpaper you are trying to replicate. There are a number of different methods, including digital printing, block printing, screen printing and gravure printing. The more traditional methods can leave a slightly raised texture from the ink, in digital printing, this will replicated with a pre-fabricated paper/substrate with a raised surface. When the digital ink lays down, it can create a similar effect to traditional and more expensive methods of printing.

It's also important to note that, sometimes, due to the age, exposure to environment, condition of the existing wallpaper, or the original manufacturing process, it might can be difficult to match colors exactly. In these cases, we will match the colors as closely as possible to give an overall similar look.

The exception to this is metallic wallpapers. While we can print on metallic materials (gold, silver, copper), our digital presses do not actually print metallic inks/foils.

Regardless of the project specs, it's our company policy never to print any wallpaper without the you seeing a press proof first (a job ticket must be generated). We only go to press when you 100% confirm your custom press proof/sample.

Can I request custom modifications to the original wallpaper design during reproduction?

Absolutely! We can modify your patterns, change colors and edit the size or placement of your wallpaper design.

How do you handle wallpapers with metallic or textured elements during reproduction?

As a digital print shop we do not use metallic inks. That said, we can isolate all metallic elements and assign them a flat color which can then be passed onto a printshop with the capabilities to print metallic inks.

Damaged, Discontinued or Incomplete Wallpaper FAQs

I need to reproduce a wallpaper that has been damaged by a water, fire or other natural forces. Can you guys help?

Our ability to help depends on the state of the wallpaper. If it is not too damaged and there is an area that can be cleanly sampled then it should not be an issue. Please send us a quick snapshot of the wall in question and we can assess the requirements of your project

I was remodeling my kitchen and uncovered an old wallpaper. Can it be restored?

You'd be amazed just how much of a design can be recovered when there's enough of a reference point. Usually we can reconstruct any pattern as long as over 50% of it is intact.

In cases where most of the design is missing, we will do our best to find the original pattern and supplement with hand drawn design to fill in the pattern. It may not be an exact match but we can make a comparable design that matches what you have.

I only have a few pieces of a wallpaper which do not represent the whole pattern. Can this still be reproduced?

Yes, although the accuracy of the reproduction will depend on how rare the wallpaper is. We can often research and find references online to build off. In cases where this is not possible, our creative team can use references from similar designs to fill in the missing pieces of the design. As mentioned in the previous question, this project is a hybrid of restoration and recreation. We do our best to honor the existing parts while making new sections appear compatible and seamless in the final design

Can I recreate a wallpaper that is currently in print from another company?

Yes, as long as you provide expressed written permission from the publisher/copyright owner.

I would like to reproduce a wallpaper design, but it is discontinued or the company that made it no longer exists. Can you recreate vintage patterns?

Absolutely. In fact it is one of our most requested specialties. Send us a quick image so we can see what you're working with.

Recreating From A Photograph FAQs

I have a high quality image of the wallpaper. Will it be good enough for printing?

Please email us the image to us and we'll let you know how print ready it is.

Below are the recommended guidelines for file preparation from prepress:

  • Image Resolution: Should be at least 200dpi (300dpi for maximum quality)
  • Original image should be focused, not blurry
  • Image cleared of any debris, stains or damage
  • Image is a straight shot to the wall (no angles)
  • All perspectives and distortions corrected
  • Pattern should be made seamless and ready for a repeat

NOTE: We can also reproduce wallpaper from low resolution or poor quality images, by performing any of the above tasks on your photos. Ask about our digita restoration services.

I don't have a sample but I do have access to the wallpaper. Should I take pictures or hire a photographer?

For best possible results we highly recommend paying for a professional photographer to fully capture the detail of your original, with the best lighting and uniformity required to produce a repeatable pattern.

You can save on this expense if you have a decent camera and follow these instructions. This is recommendable for simple designs without too many shapes, linework or colors.

For patterns that are ornate or intricate (Edwardian, Victorian etc) you're probably better off just paying someone to do the job right and save you significant prepress time.

I was clearing out my attic and stumbled across an old family photo with some wallpaper in it. I can't find the design anywhere, would you be able to reprint it?

Yes, although this also depends on the quality of the picture and how difficult the wallpaper is to research. Send us the image and we will let you know how reproduceable it is.

I would like to reprint a wallpaper that has been in a family house for a long time. I don't have a sample nor can I take it off the wall. All I can do is take a picture. Is that enough?

Yes, we can recreate wallpaper based on photos alone, although there are some special considerations and you will either need a professional photographer or have the skills/equipment yourself to caputre the necessary sharpness and resolution. We've posted some useful tips about digitizing wallpaper in our article How to Reproduce Existing Wallpaper Designs

Wallpaper Materials FAQs

What materials do you use for wallpaper printing?

We provide traditional, non-adhesive wallpapers made of fabric-backed vinyl available in over 30 different textures. We also offer peel and stick wallpaper for fast/temporary installations.

Are there any limitations to the size or scale of the wallpaper?

Size limitations will depend on the stock of wallpaper that you choose, but the general capacity for most rolls is 52" wide by 360" (10 yards) long.

How durable is the wallpaper material?

Our wallcovering media is quite durable and has been put through a variety of standardized tests to meet or exceed building code regulations, including fire safety, mold resistance, and VOC emissions.

Can your wallpaper material handle humid environments like bathrooms, kitchens and powder rooms?

As long as the wall itself is free of water damage or mold at the time of installation, our wallpaper materials are designed to last, even in the most humid environments.

Are there any special care instructions for this wallpaper?

Basic dirt and stains can be removed with warm water and a mild soap. Start cleaning from the bottom of the wall to the ceiling and then go from the ceiing down when it's time to rinse.

Do you offer eco-friendly or non-toxic wallpaper materials?

Our Terralon Material contains 31 percent post consumer recycled content. Product contains NO PVC, NO LEAD, NO PLASTICIZERS, NO HEAVY METALS. Contributes to several LEED credits. Terralon can be printed with UV curable, solvent, eco-solvent, or Latex digital inkjet technology. Terralon is also highly “breathable”, meaning that water vapor can transfer freely through the material which aids in the prevention of mold.

Can I choose between matte, glossy, or other finishes for my custom wallpaper?

For a glossy finish we recommend our Luster Wallpaper. We also carry Matte Wallpaper along with over 30 specialty finishes including Canvas, Leather, Paper, and many more.

Can I request custom finishes or textures for the printed wallpaper?

We only provide the finishes which are listed on our Materials Page. For custom textures you'll want to reach out to a printshop that provides embossing services for large format prints.

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