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Replicate Discontinued and Out-of-Print Rolls

Whether it’s a victorian pattern from the 1800s or an Art Deco motif from the 1920s, Our team is experienced and equipped to replicate all styles and eras of wallpaper designs.

Get your favorite patterns reprinted on durable, easy to clean wallcoverings that will last for decades to come. Resists mold, water damage and is 100% building compliant for safety and emissions.

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Professional Color Matching

We use combination of digital printing and good, old-fashioned artistry to ensure that your reprints are faithful in design and color to your originals

We can also apply specific colors to coordinate with decor or align your custom wallpaper with a particular style or brand.

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Repair & Retouch Damaged Wallpaper

Our digital artisans are highly skilled at reparing patterns damaged by water, fire, smoke and mould. We remove every tear, blemish and trace of dirt or grime that has accumulated over the years.

Once retouching is complete, the wallpaper will be produced using modern digital printing and materials which are both durable and resistant to damage.

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Rebuild Incomplete Patterns

We offer full reconstruction services for rolls and samples that have sections which are missing or too damaged to successfully replicate.

Our creative team is well versed in all styles and eras of wallpaper motifs - a skill that proves useful when you need to fill in the blanks of your wallpaper.

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Replicate Family Wallpapers

Preserve the legacy of your favorite decorative prints with true-to-life colors and impeccable details. As a family-run business, we are especially equipped and invested in this process.

Whether you're remodeling a nostalgic room or wishing to bring that familiar feeling of home to a brand new space, we've got the tools and experience to remake your wallpaper in a seamless and durable format for generations to come.

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Scan & Digitize Antique Wallpapers

Capture every last detail and nuance of your original wallpaper with professional, UHD (ultra high definition) scanning. Scan samples up to 4x8 feet in size.

Our scanning technicians are trained and experienced at ensuring the best lighting and scanning conditions to provide the most accurate representation of your samples or rolls.

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Stunning Wallpaper Restoration: Before & After Revealed

Here's an example of a damaged wallpaper pattern which has been meticulously restored. Witness firsthand how our expert techniques breathe new life into faded or worn wallpapers.

How Digital Wallpaper Restoration Works

Step 1: Wallpaper Sample Assessment

The first step of the process is to send us pictures of your wallpaper. A snapshot from a cellphone will suffice to give our studio a rough idea of your requirements and how they align with our capabilities.

Limitations & Criteria for Wallpaper Reproduction

While our digital process allows us to reproduce a vast majority of designs, there are certain visual effects, such as metallic/fluorescent inks, or embossed patterns which may not be replicable. Your photo helps determine how feasible it is to recreate your wallpaper.

If you plan on printing the wallpaper rolls with us, we will also need the dimensions of the space (height x width) in order to calculate square footage and provide a ballpark estimate for your review.


Step 2: Wallpaper Digitization

When it comes to digitizing your cherished wallpaper, you have two options: Professional Scanning and Digital Photography. While both methods are effective, we highly recommend scanning whenever possible. Our cutting-edge equipment excels at scanning large pieces at the highest resolutions (up to 1000dpi), ensuring the utmost fidelity in reproduction.

An additional benefit of creating these ultra high quality files is the ability to adjust the scale or enlarge your wallpaper design significantly (up to 4 times the original size). There are also cases where we will be able to vectorize your wallpaper which allows you to magnify the design without limits.

Restoring Wallpapers from Photographs

There are cases where scanning isn't feasible. If your wallpaper is a mural it won't fit on a scanner nor is it practical to send all of the rolls as samples. Removing a sample from the wall can also damage them too much.

In these scenarios, we can rebuild your wallpaper from photographs. You can even capture the images yourself, although we strongly advise enlisting a professional for this crucial task.

NOTE: We can also reproduce wallpapers from old or poor quality photos, though the process is more laborious and not as cost-effective.

Step 3: Restoring & Recreating Vintage Wallpapers

Our design team excels in various aspects of restoration: including retouching, color matching, to create accurate and seamless designs. Even with wallpaper samples that have deteriorated beyond repair. We have a knack for breathing new life into faded, scratched or damaged wallpapers, restoring them to their original splendor.

Recreate Wallpapers With Missing Sections

What truly sets us apart is our ability to reconstruct missing portions of antique wallpapers by hand. Our artists are well trained at reviving old patterns, recreating authentic and true-to-life reprints from small or incomplete samples.

We also specialize in the customization of existing designs, allowing our clients to print different colorways or insert custom graphics or brands to produce a personalized & bespoke wallpaper design which is truly unique.


Step 4: Wallpaper Material Selection

We offer traditional (non-adhesive) wallcoverings in over 30 finishes and textures, ranging from paper & fabric, to leather and canvas, covering a wide range of design applications. These wallpapers are designed for longterm installation.

We also offer modern (adhesive backed) substrates, known as peel and stick wallpaper which is available in matte, gloss and semigloss. These wallpapers are removable and positionable making them ideal for temporary installs.

Professional Guidance & Wallpaper Sample Matching

Our project managers will walk you through the process of choosing a specific material to best match your existing sample. Printing on multiple stocks are also available upon request.

Step 5: Reviewing Printed Wallpaper Samples

A custom press proof will be meticulously printed on the wallpaper material of your choosing, providing an authentic preview of what your restored wallpaper rolls will look like after production. We use the same machines and presses for both parts of this process to ensure reliable results.

NOTE: We strongly recommend examining these proofs in various lighting conditions to ensure that you are satisfied with the replicated colors.

Wallpaper Sample Timing & Cost: What to Expect

Turnaround time for wallpaper samples typically ranges from 2 to 4 business days. If needed, we can generate multiple sets for various team members to review and approve.

Please note that the cost of these prints varies by size. If you end up printing your reproduction with us, half of the sample cost will be applied as credit toward the final balance.


Step 6: Layout & Preview Restored Wallpaper

Once the wallpaper material and colors have been finalized, we will lay the wallpaper out in a custom schematic to fit your space. We'll help you figure out how to divide your surface up into manageable rolls which are easy for installers to work with.

Our rolls have a maximum width of 54. We typically provide rolls with at least 1" to 2" overlap avoid any potential gaps between panels. Please have installers specify whether they will use overlaps or butt seams to lay the rolls out accordingly.

In the cases of murals, which require different artwork for each panel, we label each roll and provide an installation guide to prevent errors and ensure your wallpaper installation goes smoothly.

Installing Your Restored Wallpaper

NOTE: Unfortunately, we do not offer or recommend installation services and focus primarily on printing only. However, we do offer some guidance on wall/surface preparation that can be forwarded to any installer, who can also contact us with any additional questions.

Step 7: Reprinting Your Vintage Wallpaper

Once we've received your approval for the press sample, we move on to the final steps of the printing process. This is where we get into the specifics, such as the precise square footage needed, the height and width of the rolls, and determining the number of rolls required for your installer.

After all the preflight checks are diligently completed and thoroughly verified, we proceed to print your design using our state-of-the-art digital press. This press is equipped with an impressive 1440 dpi resolution, which is crucial for maintaining accuracy.

Our state-of-the-art printing process ensures that even the smallest elements and subtle nuances in your antique wallpaper design are faithfully reproduced. We understand that every detail matters, and this level of precision guarantees that your final product meets your exact specifications.


Choose Fine Print for Wallpaper Restoration & Recreation

Discover why Fine Print is the top choice for wallpaper restoration and recreation. With a 5 star rating on Google and recognition as the #1 service for "recreating wallpaper", our expertise stands out. Our team is not only knowledgeable but also approachable, ensuring a seamless experience. Feel free to call or email us to see how we can bring your wallpaper back to life.

Real Stories, Real People


"Saved My Grandmother's Legacy"

"My grandmother's house held cherished memories, but the vintage wallpaper had seen better days. Fine Print came to our rescue. With only a faded photo, they meticulously recreated the intricate pattern, ensuring it was a precise match. The end result was beyond our expectations. Our family home now stands as a beautiful testament to her legacy, with every guest in awe of the exquisite wallpaper that graces our walls."

Maria R. from Chicago, Illinois


"The Wallpaper Whisperers"

"The wallpaper in our historic home was an enigma, and no one knew where to find a suitable replacement. Fine Print, however, proved to be the wallpaper whisperers we needed. They not only identified the rare and unique design but also painstakingly restored and printed it for us. Their extraordinary commitment to detail left us utterly awestruck. Thanks to Fine Print, we solved the mystery and our historic home is finally complete!"

William T. from Minneapolis, Minnesota


"A Perfect Match"

"Uncovering a hidden gem beneath layers of wallpaper in our new home was exciting, but it was also daunting as the design was intricate and severely damaged. Fine Print not only restored it to perfection but also miraculously found an exact match for additional rooms. Their dedication, expertise, and their eagle eye for details are truly exceptional. Thanks to Fine Print, our home is a seamless blend of the old and new, and we couldn't be more satisfied."

Sarah L. from St. Louis, Missouri


"Totally Nailed It"

"Restoring our historic mansion was a massive undertaking, and the original wallpaper presented its unique set of challenges. Fine Print worked wonders, not only recreating the design flawlessly but also aging it to match the rest of the house. It took a few rounds of samples to get it right, but they brought back the timeless elegance that we were aiming for. Now every guest who visits can't help but comment on our wallpaper, and it makes me smile every time."

Michael G. from Madison, Wisconsin

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A brief guide on submitting wallpaper samples for professional reproduction

Follow our tips to preserve your treasured designs with precision and care

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wallpaper Reproduction FAQs

What's the first step in recreating wallpaper designs, how do I get started?

Before we can offer a quote we will need to see the actual wallpaper. It doesn't have to be a high quality photo - a simple snapshot from your mobile phone is enough for us to get an idea of the scope, size and complexity of your unique project.

Do I need an original sample/piece of the wallpaper in order to replicate the pattern/design?

While we do recommend scanning original samples, wallpapers can also be recreated from a photograph.

You can learn more about this process in our article How to Reproduce Existing Wallpaper Designs

What's the typical turnaround time for a wallpaper reproduction project?

Recreating wallpaper is a fairly involved process which includes scanning, digital restoration and creativity from a skilled technician, not to mention color matching, printing samples. Projects always vary by complexity and the level of preparedness that each client brings to the table, so turnaround ranges as follows:

Basic Restoration (Few colors, simple design): 2-4 weeks

Moderate Restoration (4-6 colors, detailed artwork): Average 5-7 weeks

Historic Restoration (Match an existing installation): At least 8 weeks for accuracy and color matching

What is the pricing for wallpaper reproductions? Is it based on size, complexity, or other factors?

For pricing we always look at:

1. The condition/quality of the original sampleA piece which is damaged, dirty or incomplete will require more design hours than a pristine copy.

2. The number of colors and importance of accurate matching Since each color must be separated, each additional color adds to production time. If color matching is critical, this will also increase the cost as multiple rounds of samples must be printed.

3. Complexity of the designThe size and intricacy of the wallpaper will determine just how difficult it will be for our artists to isolate all the shapes and colors.

The best way for us to evaluate your project is to have a visual sample of what you're trying to replicate, even if it's a quick snapshot from your mobile phone we'll be able to let you know the scope and timeframe of the project.

How closely can you match my wallpaper? Will I be able to tell the difference?

It depends on the style of wallpaper you are trying to replicate. There are a number of different methods, including digital printing, block printing, screen printing and gravure printing. The more traditional methods can leave a slightly raised texture from the ink, in digital printing, this will replicated with a pre-fabricated paper/substrate with a raised surface. When the digital ink lays down, it can create a similar effect to traditional and more expensive methods of printing.

It's also important to note that, sometimes, due to the age, exposure to environment, condition of the existing wallpaper, or the original manufacturing process, it might can be difficult to match colors exactly. In these cases, we will match the colors as closely as possible to give an overall similar look.

The exception to this is metallic wallpapers. While we can print on metallic materials (gold, silver, copper), our digital presses do not actually print metallic inks/foils.

Regardless of the project specs, it's our company policy never to print any wallpaper without the you seeing a press proof first (a job ticket must be generated). We only go to press when you 100% confirm your custom press proof/sample.

Do you keep records of my wallpaper designs for future orders?

After we send you a link to download your digital file, we will keep a copy archived for up to 5 years. If there are no subsequent orders during this time, these files will be deleted. This backup service is provided free of charge - one of many perks that our long-term clients enjoy.

Wallpaper Recreation Design FAQs

Can you replicate wallpapers with unique, non-repeating patterns?

All day, every day. Whether it's a non repeating pattern, or a panoramic mural, we produce custom wallpaper sheets, custom sized and designed for your space and clearly labelled to make installation a breeze.

What techniques are used to revitalize antique wallpapers while maintaining their original character?

To revitalize antique wallpapers, expert restoration techniques involve careful cleaning, meticulous repair of tears or damages, and precise color-matching. Advanced digital imaging might be used to reconstruct missing or heavily damaged sections, ensuring the wallpaper retains its original character and charm.

How can I recreate a vintage wallpaper pattern if I only have a small, incomplete or damaged sample?

Our Custom Reproduction Service can accurately recreate vintage wallpaper patterns from small, damaged or incomplete samples. By analyzing the design, color, and texture, we can produce a full-sized, high-quality replica of your vintage wallpaper.

This is accomplished thanks to our team of artists who are very experienced in recreating vintage designs. Given a sample they can infer what the missing portions should look like. They are then tasked with illustrating these sections by hand and seamlessly integrating them with the existing design.

Is it possible to recreate wallpaper with intricate hand-painted details and artwork?

Attention to detail is the main reason our clients never complain about price. They understand just how much we value their time, happily applying decades of expertise to a life-long craft. Our printers will get you 1200dpi resolution, finer than most photographs and pritine quality for everything from simple shapes and gradients (clean, flat even colors), to even the most intricate designs. Our scanners scan up to 1800dpi, which captures every nuance of your wallpaper, down to the texture of the paper itself. This is how we are able to effectively clean up these old patterns and restore them to their former glory.

Can I request custom modifications to the original wallpaper design during reproduction?

Absolutely! We can modify your patterns, change colors and edit the size or placement of your wallpaper design.

How do you handle wallpapers with metallic or textured elements during reproduction?

As a digital print shop we do not use metallic inks. That said, we can isolate all metallic elements and assign them a flat color which can then be passed onto a printshop with the capabilities to print metallic inks.

I only have a few pieces of a wallpaper which do not represent the whole pattern. Can this still be reproduced?

Yes, although the accuracy of the reproduction will depend on how rare the wallpaper is. We can often research and find references online to build off. In cases where this is not possible, our creative team can use references from similar designs to fill in the missing pieces of the design. As mentioned in the previous question, this project is a hybrid of restoration and recreation. We do our best to honor the existing parts while making new sections appear compatible and seamless in the final design

Damaged, Discontinued or Incomplete Wallpaper FAQs

I need to reproduce a wallpaper that has been damaged by a water, fire or other natural forces. Can you guys help?

Our ability to help depends on the state of the wallpaper. If it is not too damaged and there is an area that can be cleanly sampled then it should not be an issue. Please send us a quick snapshot of the wall in question and we can assess the requirements of your project

I was remodeling my kitchen and uncovered an old wallpaper. Can it be restored?

You'd be amazed just how much of a design can be recovered when there's enough of a reference point. Usually we can reconstruct any pattern as long as over 50% of it is intact.

In cases where most of the design is missing, we will do our best to find the original pattern and supplement with hand drawn design to fill in the pattern. It may not be an exact match but we can make a comparable design that matches what you have.

What's the process for matching wallpaper that's been exposed to sunlight and has faded?

Once your sample has been scanned, our restoration specialists will adjust color levels (saturation, hue and brightness) in order to turn bac the hands of time on your wallpaper. There are also cases where just one section of your design may be faded, requiring a selective and special touch to blend everything together seamlessly. Our artists and technicians are experts at this process.

Pricing considerations: If you are trying to reprint a wallpaper and install it right next to or on top of an existing pattern, you are going to need to jump through a lot more rounds of color matching, which can significantly impact pricing. Some of our clients decided it was more cost effective to replace an entire wall, rather than patch a small section.

What's your process for handling delicate or antique wallpapers?

Antique wallpapers require special attention. We have experience in both transport and care in order to preserve your originals, which will be shipped securely back to you via private courier once our restoration specialists are done preserveing and scanning them.

Can you recreate discontinued or limited-edition wallpapers that are no longer in production?

Discontinued wallpapers are our specialty! If you have the pattern or sample of the original, you can take a picture and email it to us. If you have neither, we will need some kind of visual reference - a link from a website, a screenshot - something to get a general idea of what design you are trying to restore. We will immediately let you know how plausible the recreation is, and get you a ballpark estimate.

Once the project has been approved, we turn your vintage or damaged wallpaper sample into a pristine copy, ready to be produced at any printshop. We also offer digital printing as a one-stop shopping solution for turning your old patterns into brand new, one-of-a-kind wallpaper rolls.

Can I recreate a wallpaper that is currently in print from another company?

Yes, as long as you provide expressed written permission from the publisher/copyright owner.

Historic Wallpaper Restoration FAQs

What's the difference between wallpaper recreation and restoration?

Wallpaper recreation is the art of restoring a wallpaper that is discontinued or out of print. This can be done from an original sample or photo.

Wallpaper restoration is a service we provide to fix incomplete or damaged samples, where some creativity is needed to fill in the the missing sections of the wallpaper design or pattern.

What should I do if I want to recreate wallpaper from a historic landmark or heritage property?

The process is very similar to most of our recreation efforts. Send us a picture, we will evaluate and follow up with guidance. The main difference for historical projects is a far more thorough process of color matching. This is especially true in cases when the new wallpaper is being installed in the same space as its predecessor.

You should plan and budget accordingly because this process requires multiple rounds of printed samples and interactive review. It can take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months, depending on your review process and the lighting conditions at the install location.

We also recommend our professional scanning services for cases when an original sample can be provided. This is the technique which will best replicate all of the details you are trying to conserve in your restoration efforts.

NOTE: OUr process is CMYK digital printing with UV cured inks. While our color range is impressive, not every color can be reproduced perfectly (especially beiges, along with certain deep blues and oranges). We will let you know in advance how much accuracy you can expect from your unique design.

What options are available for replicating wallpaper from multiple rooms in a historic property?

For each of your rooms and associated patterns, ee can deliver a print-ready file in a universal printing format that can be used at any printshop. We can also provide digitally printed wallpaper samples to match what you already have. Once approved we can deliver any number of rolls, set to the size and scale of your convenience. Our wallpaper is delivered as standard, non-adhesive rolls and are familiar to most contractors.

What if I have a wallpaper design from a different era but want to use modern materials for durability?

This is exactly what we specialize in - modern large format digital printing, combined with old-world craftsmanship as our artists trace, clean up and repair wallpapers from every conceivable era.

It is worth noting there are limitations to this medium. Metallic and flourescent inks require a very different process from what we offer. Pantone and other solid colored inks will also be matched in most cases, there will always be exceptions of colors that our CMYK process simply cannot replicate perfectly. In the majority of cases we can get you close enough, and in every case you will see a printed sample before you pull the trigger on your wallpaper recreation project,

Can you help me identify the historical origin and significance of my vintage wallpaper?

As you can probably tell from our History101.NYC Project that we are passionate about history, heritage and discovery. We'd be happy to help you track down the era, decade and if possible, artist and manufacturer. It's not always possible, given just how many obscure and rare wallpapers have been produced, but we will do our best to educate and inform you about the history behind your antique wallpaper.

Can revitalizing antique wallpapers add value to a historic property?

Absolutely! restoring vintage wallpapers not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of a property but also adds value by preserving its authenticity and historical significance, appealing to both history enthusiasts and potential buyers alike.

Recreating From A Photograph FAQs

Can I reproduce my favorite wallpaper from just a picture?

Certainly! With our service, you can reproduce your favorite wallpaper from a picture. We use the picture to analyze the design and colors, creating a high-quality reproduction that transforms your picture into stunning wall decor.

I have a high quality image of the wallpaper. Will it be good enough for printing?

Please email us the image to us and we'll let you know how print ready it is.

Below are the recommended guidelines for file preparation from prepress:

  • Image Resolution: Should be at least 200dpi (300dpi for maximum quality)
  • Original image should be focused, not blurry
  • Image cleared of any debris, stains or damage
  • Image is a straight shot to the wall (no angles)
  • All perspectives and distortions corrected
  • Pattern should be made seamless and ready for a repeat

NOTE: We can also reproduce wallpaper from low resolution or poor quality images, by performing any of the above tasks on your photos. Ask about our digital restoration services.

I don't have a sample but I do have access to the wallpaper. Should I take pictures or hire a photographer?

For best possible results we highly recommend paying for a professional photographer to fully capture the detail of your original, with the best lighting and uniformity required to produce a repeatable pattern.

You can save on this expense if you have a decent camera and follow these instructions. This is recommendable for simple designs without too many shapes, linework or colors.

For patterns that are ornate or intricate (Edwardian, Victorian etc) you're probably better off just paying someone to do the job right and save you significant prepress time.

I was clearing out my attic and stumbled across an old family photo with some wallpaper in it. I can't find the design anywhere, would you be able to reprint it?

Yes, although this also depends on the quality of the picture and how difficult the wallpaper is to research. Send us the image and we will let you know how reproduceable it is.

I would like to reprint a wallpaper that has been in a family house for a long time. I don't have a sample nor can I take it off the wall. All I can do is take a picture. Is that enough?

Yes, we can recreate wallpaper based on photos alone, although there are some special considerations and you will either need a professional photographer or have the skills/equipment yourself to caputre the necessary sharpness and resolution. We've posted some useful tips about digitizing wallpaper in our article How to Reproduce Existing Wallpaper Designs

I have searched the entire internet but all I can have is a blurry, low resolution photograph. Can this design still be replicated?

It definitely can, though it will depend on just how intricate the original and how much details has been lost due to poor camera focus, low resolution, or any other form of image degradation. Our artists have been replicating and designing patterns for many years, so they are indeed well versed in all the aesthetic periods (victorian, edwardian, art deco, etc) So in cases where a photo is really bad, they can improvise based on the layout and the skills they've acquired for rendering floral, tropical, modern and abstract designs. It may not be a perfect copy, but we are quite skilled at capturing and preserving the essence of a pattern. The more of it that is visible and in focus, the closer it will be.

It's worth noting that the more our designers need to recreate out of thin air, the more time and budget intensive this becomes. Plan accordingly.

Wallpaper Restoration for Interior Designers

How can wallpaper reproduction services cater to the specific needs of interior designers?

Wallpaper reproduction services offer tailored solutions for interior designers, providing them with the ability to replicate or customize wallpaper designs to fit their specific project requirements, whether it's matching a historic pattern or creating a new, inspired design.

We also provide color matching service which can aid designers in establishing a consistent palette that coordinates with furniture, textiles and other color accents within the space.

What advantages do interior designers have by using wallpaper reproduction services?

Interior designers benefit from wallpaper reproduction services by having access to unique, custom-made designs that can't be found elsewhere, ensuring their projects stand out. It also allows them to preserve the historical integrity of spaces while incorporating modern touches.

What factors should be considered when choosing wallpapers for space transformation?

When choosing wallpapers for space transformation, consider the design and color scheme of the room, the historical context (if applicable), the durability and maintenance of the wallpaper, and how it complements the overall interior design theme.

How can interior designers involve their clients in the wallpaper reproduction process for custom projects?

Interior designers can involve their clients in the wallpaper reproduction process for custom projects by first presenting them with a range of design options, color palettes, and material samples. This initial step allows clients to visualize the possibilities and express their preferences, ensuring the final product aligns with their vision for the space. Designers can also arrange for digital mock-ups or small-scale samples of the wallpaper design to be produced, offering clients a tangible preview of the wallpaper in their space, which can be instrumental in finalizing the design choice.

Further, designers can involve clients in the decision-making process through meetings or digital collaboration tools where feedback can be shared in real time. This collaborative approach ensures that the project reflects the client's personal style and the designer's expertise, creating a unique and customized space. Engaging clients throughout the process not only fosters a sense of ownership and satisfaction with the final outcome but also helps in managing expectations and making any necessary adjustments before the final production, thereby enhancing the overall design experience.

You also have the option of dealing with clients yourself, or involving us to coordinate efforts and ensure optimal communication. Fine Print has built its reputation on being team players. You don't just get expert printers, technicians and designers, you get an extension of your team to facilitate production and ultimately empower your clients. As always, the choice on how to orchestrate efforts is yours.

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