Canvas Printing

Canvas art printing is the perfect medium for artists, creatives & designers to showcase their work and favorite images. We offer stretched and gallery wrap framing services. With a wide range of size options available, you can create a one-of-a-kind piece that is sure to stand out on any gallery or wall in your home or office.

  • Stretched, Framed and Gallery Wrap Available
  • Add Timeless Quality to Any Print
    Available in Fabric and Matte, Textured Vinyl

The Picture Perfect Solution For:

Canvas Photo Prints

Turn your favorite adventures, vistas and family moments into breath-taking art. Capture every detail in high definition with quality inks on a fine cotton/linen blend canvas.

Canvas Collage Prints

Print any number of photos, icons, text or artwork on a gallery-wrapped canvas for a highly customized piece of unique decor.

Canvas Wall Art

Reproduce a classic masterpiece or add tactile authenticity to your own custom artwork with the authenticity of canvas.

Turn Art & Photos Into Masterpieces

Cotton / Linen Blend • Durable • Vivid Colors • Perfect for Lobbies & Exhibits

Canvas MaterialMaximum 52" x 360"
Stretch Framing12.7 mm
Gallery EdgesExtra 4" All Around

How Canvas Printing Works

Step 1. Selecting a Canvas Material to Print On

This decision is the most important one and will hinge on your preference for fabric or vinyl. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, which should be fully understood beforehand. The biggest difference between these materials is their size. Vinyl Canvas has a maximum print size of 52" x 210", while Fabric Canvas maxes out at a whopping 126" x 1908"

Fabric Canvas Printing

Cotton & Linen are highly absorbent and relatively bright compared to other textiles which creates more vivid colors. It's one of the reasons that history's finest artists have relied on fabric canvas as the de facto standard for centuries. Canvas, in the historical sense of the word, does its job very well and comes with a certain level of credibility. It's not perfect for every project, especially outdoors. But for artistic prints, home decor and a "high end" finish, fabric really is hard to top.


  • Cotton Linen Blend Fabric 0.57 mm thickness
  • Available in rolls up to 126 inches x 159 feet.
  • Commonly used for stretching, upholstery and wallcoverings

Step 2. Select The Format You Need

There are a number of ways to receive your custom canvas prints

Canvas Print Rolls

Larger prints (25 sq feet or more) are typically delivered in rolls. This is the easiest way to ship canvas prints due to the compact size of the package. Any stretching, framing or installation is left to the customer.

Stretched Canvas Prints

The material is stretched tightly onto a wooden frame, leaving the edges exposed and open to design consideration. Some clients prefer raw, unprinted edges. Others will request an exact color to match for decorative value. There's also the premium option:

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints

The preferred format for many artists and photographers. Creates a pleasing visual effect which begs for exposed edges. If you plan on framing your print, keep in mind you lose exactly 4" of space around the edges to achieve this effect.

Step 3. Pick a Size For Your Canvas Print

You will want to first decide where it will be displayed. Make sure there are no visual obstacles, line of sight is clear and you've got decent lighting. In most cases you will want a decent margin around the artwork (at least 6 inches), but use your judgment.

Next you will need to ask yourself some questions about the artwork you want to print.

  • Is it a piece you need to scan?
  • Do you already have a scan or digital file?
  • If so, are there enough pixels and details to cleanly print at the desired size?
final question is what sets the limitation on how large you can p print, something your printer will walk you through. On that note:

Step 4. Send Us Your Art

Option A: Uploading Online (Recommended)

accept PDF, EPS, TIFF and JPG files. Upload your files to Dropbox or WeTransfer and send us a link. Our PrePress Department will run a preflight check on all of your files to ensure consistent color, crisp details and catch any potential errors before going to press.

Option B: Ground Shipping

you don't have digital files or access to a scanner, send us your art via certified mail. We'll carefully scan it in, then send it back to you the same way. 

Step 5. Review Your Sample

We'll print and send you a sample of your chosen material. We only go to print if you love the sample. If you have feedback or improvements to make, we'll ship you another until you are satisfied and confident enough to move into production.

Step 6. All Done. Enjoy Your Custom Prints!

Your prints arrive at your doorstep, ready to make the world a more aesthetically pleasing place. They look exactly how you wanted and you realize how easy and fun it was to bring your ideas to life.

If any of this process sounded too technical or you have a related question, definitely give us a call. We love talking about all things print related and are happy to share what we know. Folks from all walks of life have created some incredible art and decor for their homes and businesses. Half of them were complete novices and they did great! All they needed was imagination and the right team to support them. That's what we're here for.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will a Canvas Print Last?
The lifespan of your print will depend on its exposure to sunlight and various environmental factors. The best guarantee that your print survives 10-20 years and beyond comes with providing ideal conditions. (temperature, sunlight exposure, etc). Vinyl is generally quite resistant to both water and humidity, though care should be given to avoid mold.
Can I Spread My Image Across Multiple Canvases of Different Sizes?
Creating a multi-panel canvas print is possible in any configuration. A full collection could line a long hallway, climb a tall wall or completely cover a surface. The only limit is one's imagination. Send us your files and we'll help you lay everything out. From scale and design to colors and typography, our design team is available to take your idea to the finish line in record time.
How Much of My Image Will I Lose If I Choose the Photo Wrap Option?
You will lose exactly 4 inches around the border of your image and should plan accordingly. If you can't afford to lose that much visual information, we can provide design solutions, either with a solid border color or retouching the image to add the missing space.
What Kind of Laminate/protection Do You Add to the Canvas?
Fabric Canvases are not laminated since part of their appeal is the organic finish. Our vinyl offerings are backed on fabric but also protected with a matte laminate which meets all fire safety and emission standards.
What is a Giclee Canvas Print?
Giclée is derived from the French word gicleur, coined in 1991 by printmaker Jack Duganne for fine art digital prints made using inkjet printers.The name was originally applied to fine art prints created on a modified Iris printer in a process invented in the late 1980s. It has since been used widely to mean any fine-art printing, usually archival, printed by inkjet. It is often used by artists, galleries, and print shops for their high quality printing, but is also used generically for art printing of any quality.
Can I Add Text to My Image?
Yes, we provide prepress and graphic design services which can handle all your typographic needs. Once a design budget is approved we wil take your text and probide multiple style options to choose from. This process can be sped up when you provide some font examples.
How Do I Clean a Canvas Print?
Vinyl canvas is the easiest to clean. A sponge and some soapy water is all you need. Fabric canvas, being so absorbant takes more steps. First you need to brush off all dirt and debris. Next using a soft bristle brush. apply water and a mild soap. Scrub in small circles, pressing firmly into the fabric. Allow the mixture to be fully absorbed by the material. Then let air dry.
Does this cost more than Walgreens Canvas Prints?
Pricing is always determined on a case by case basis. Our Dreamscape canvas prints come with certain architectural and endurance certifications which may result in higher material cost than Walgreens, Walmart or any other franchise. It is also noteworthy that our services go far beyond on-demand printing - you get quality assurance, digital prepress hours and direct contact with whoever is managing your project to ensure it matches your expectations. We do exceptional work and our attention to both detail and our clients is next level. Taking all of these factors into account we believe this actually makes our pricing quite competitive.
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