Printing Will Never Die

Nine years ago, I wrote a letter from the heart about the printing industry, which some have said and continues to say is dying. And while the industry has experienced a certain degree of decline, we are living proof that it is not only alive and well, but thriving for those with the devotion and vision to provide craftsmanship to printed materials.

Printing Press with Bottles and Accessories

When we first branched off and started our own printing company, we faced a lot of resistance and criticism - surprisingly from some of the titans in the industry, who we confided in for guidance and support. Regardless of how many times I tried to explain my vision for Fine Print, it seemed to fall on deaf ears and was met with words of caution and discouragement. Even though caution may have been warranted, the vision I had seemed to differ from peers in the industry - where most people saw decline and risk, we saw opportunity. 

Printing Press with Stacks of Papers

We strived to understand the digital landscape - this has shaped our outlook for the future. Placing an emphasis on our digital presence helped us garner a massive following on social media platforms. Our love for printing, art and design prompted us to curate our own Art Blog,, which focuses on design history and the work of contemporary artists that we find inspirational.

Shelf full of printing inks

Recently we expanded our offerings to include large format printing. From window design to intricately engineered custom wallpaper projects. This has opened a creative dialogue with art galleries, architects and interior/graphic designers. 

Looking back over the years, I am often amazed at how many projects we have been fortunate enough to lend our services and produce. We strive for every project to be considered and worthy receiving an award for Printer of the Year. We are excited for what the future holds and hope that you follow our journey and look forward to our next installment in the evolution of Fine Print.

Written by Joseph@FinePrintNYC

About the Author

Joseph Gornail is a multimedia artist and fourth-generation print craftsman whose family has lived on the same block in SoHo for over 90 years. With an extensive background in photography, writing and creative direction, Joseph has a love of the arts and a proud New Yorker. When he’s not documenting city life or curating historic images for, he can likely be found sailing the New York harbor to enjoy his native city from a different perspective.

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