E84 2-Ply 20oz NW

Report of Testing 20 oz. vinyl wall covering with nonwoven backing for compliance with the applicable requirements.

Report of Testing “20 oz. vinyl wall covering with nonwoven backing” for compliance with the applicable requirements of the following criteria: ASTM E84-16 TEST FOR SURFACE BURNING CHARACTERISTICS OF BUILDING MATERIALS (UL 723, UBC 8-1, NFPA 255)

Specimen Description:

The specimen was prepared by Intertek technicians on March 31, 2017 at Intertek Laboratories located in Elmendorf, TX. The specimen was described by the client as "Lot 195637". The 24 ft. long test specimen consisted of three 8 ft. sections of wall covering material adhered to 1/4 in. thick cement board. The product was received by our personnel in good condition and given an identification number of SAT1703141139-003.

Mounting Method:

The specimen was self-supporting. The finished side was exposed towards the flames.

Test Results

The test results, computed on the basis of observed flame front advance and electronic smoke density measurements are presented in the following table.

Test SpecimenFlame Spread IndexSmoke Developed Index
20 oz. vinyl wall covering with nonwoven backing1025


During the test, the specimen was observed to behave in the following manner.

Time (min:sec)Observations
0:00The test burners were turned on.
0:05The wall covering began to blister.
0:12Steady ignition was observed.
0:15The wall covering began to char.
1:07Small burning chunks of wall covering began to fall.
10:00The test burners were shut off.

After the test, the specimen was observed to be damaged as follows:

Distance (feet)Damage
0 – 7The wall covering was observed to be consumed.
7 – 10The wall covering was observed to be partially melted, blistered, and heavily discolored.
10 – 24The wall covering was observed to be heavily discolored and blistered.

Test Results

Flame Spread Index: 10

Smoke Developed Index: 25

Specimen Data

Time to Ignition (sec): 12

Time to Max FS (sec): 77

Maximum FS (feet): 1.9

Time to 980 F (sec): Never Reached

Time to End of Tunnel (sec): Never Reached

Max Temperature (F): 569

Time to Max Temperature (sec): 233

Total Fuel Burned (cubic feet): 44.06

FS*Time Area (ft*min): 17.1

Smoke Area (%A*min): 18.7

Unrounded FSI: 88


  • This test sample meets the A.S.T.M. E84-16 Standard.
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