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Thermography is most commonly known as “raised printing”. This technique uses a special ink that bonds and expands under heat, maintaining a crisp profile while raising the ink above the card’s surface. The end result is a distinctive, yet familiar look and texture that conveys an established, professional image. Common applications include invitations, certificates and business stationery.

  • Rich Texture of Raised Graphics
  • Print in a Variety of Colors
  • Pantone Spot Color Matching Available
  • Durable Inks – No Fading or Smudging

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How Thermography Cards Are Printed

A design is printed on the card using slow-drying inks that remain wet and prepared for the application of a colorless powder. This heat sensitive polymer substance is left to absorb the ink before the cards are exposed to heat – a process that dries and cures the ink while expanding the powder and causing it to raise the level of printed design.

The heating process also seals the pigment of the ink, ensuring that it never smudges or fades. This durable, timeless aspect of thermography makes it a popular printing specialty for invitations, menus and stationery.

Limits & Design Considerations

Due to the extra layers of saturated pigment, colors will generally print darker than traditional ink. It’s also worth noting that thermography powder turns transparent when heated. This means that lighter colors will often appear translucent, which is why people tend to favor darker hues that maximize contrast and visual impact of the ink.

NOTE: Thermography can only be applied to one side of a card. If you need a double sided card, you can print duplex cards, where two thermography cards are stacked and mounted together.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Thermography Printing?

Thermography is most commonly known as "raised printing". This technique uses a special ink that bonds and expands under heat, maintaining a crisp profile while raising the ink above the card's surface.

What is the minimum quantity I can order?

Our minimum order is 500 cards per unique design.

Do you have a minimum order for multiple lots/names?

Yes, if you're producing 10 or more unique lots at once, the minimum order is 250 cards per person.

What are the most common card sizes?

The three most requested sizes are 3.5" x 2", 3.35” x 2.17” and 2.25” x 2.25”.

Can I color match to a specific Pantone color?

Yes, we can match specific PMS colors for your brand/logo.

Can I print more then one color?

Yes, we have the capability to print multiple thermography colors on the same card.

What is the best paper to use for thermography?

In our experience, uncoated papers work best thermography printing process.

Can I see a digital proof before final production?

Yes, our pre-press department will provide two rounds of digital proofs for approval prior to final print production.Please note, any additional digital proofs will be billed accordingly.

Can you produce a press sample before printing?

Yes, a press sample can be produced prior to final production. However, we will have to charge accordingly for set up/press time. A 50% credit for the press sample will be applied to the final invoice, if the project is officially approved for production.

Can you ship paper/printed samples for my review?

Unfortunately, we can not send out paper/printed samples without a job ticket being generated into our system.

What is the standard turnaround time?

Once final proofs are approved, standard production time is 5-7 business days.Please note, production time may change depending on our current press schedule and how many specialty options have been selected.

Do you offer a variety of paper stocks/materials?

Yes, we offer are a variety of paper stocks/materials. Options include gloss, matte, coated, uncoated, silk, linen and texture papers/materials.

Can I supply my own paper for you to print on?

No. We cannot run any paper through our press that has not been sent directly from our paper-house. If there is a particular paper stock you are looking for, we can place a custom order for your cards.

Do you offer round corners or custom die cut options?

Yes. Our minimum order is 500 cards per unique design.

Do you offer edge printing or edge foil stamping?

No. Edge gilding or printing is not a service that we offer.

How can I make a payment?

We accept all major credit cards and company checks. Please note, a job ticket must be created and payment is required before we can start proofing/final production.

Can I schedule an appointment to review sample/paper stocks?

Yes, We can schedule an appointment for you in our Jersey City showroom/production facility. There you can review various printed samples, paper stocks, and consult with a production specialist.

My order is a rush, is a 24-48 hour turnaround possible?

Please contact us as soon as possible, so we can check with our production department. Please note, rush turnaround will be billed accordingly.Unfortunately, we do not schedule production appointments in our Manhattan corporate offices.

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