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Even in today’s digital age of social media & virtual presence, there is no substitute for a custom embossed business card that is creative & beautifully printed.

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Compare Embossing to Debossing

Embossing is when a design pushes above the surface of the paper. You can feel the design/paper with your fingertips, not unlike braille. Debossing is the opposite process – when graphics are punched into the card stock.


NOTE: Technically you are creating both effects as flipping the card over shows an inverted mirror image of the impression. For applications where the impression is only wanted on one side, we recommend stacking cardstocks with our duplex cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is embossed/embossing?
Embossing presses graphics from the back to the front of the paper, creating a raised impression.
What is debossed/debossing?
Debossing presses graphics from front to back, creating a relief or depression into the surface.
What is a business card?
A business Card is a networking/marketing tool with contact information for an individual, business or division.
What are the most common embossed business card sizes?
The three most requested sizes are 3.5" x 2", 3.35" x 2.17" and 2.25" x 2.25".
What is the minimum order for a embossed custom business card?
Our minimum order is 500 business cards per design. For cost comparison, we also give pricing for 1,000 units.
Do you have a minimum order for multiple lots/names for business cards?
Yes, if you're producing 10 or more unique lots at once, the minimum order is 250 business cards per person.
Can you produce a press sample before printing all of my embossed business cards?
Yes, a press sample can be produced prior to final production. However, we will have to charge accordingly for set up/press time. A 50% credit for the press sample will be applied to the final invoice, if the project is officially approved for production.
Can I see a digital proof before final production of my embossed business cards?
Yes, our pre-press department will provide two rounds of digital proofs for approval prior to final print production.Please note, any additional digital proofs will be billed accordingly.
What is the standard turnaround time for embossed business cards?
Once final proofs are approved, standard production time is 5-7 business days.Please note, production time may change depending on our current press schedule and how many specialty options have been selected.
Can I pick my own design/image for custom embossed business cards?
Yes, if you provide high resolution artwork, we can print your custom design.
What is the best resolution to submit my artwork?
The preferred format for final artwork files/logos is a vector EPS file, with all type converted to outlines with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Any resolution lower will make the logos/images look pixelated or blurry. Please make sure to include a packaged InDesign file that includes all typefaces/links.
Do you offer a variety of paper stocks/materials for embossed business cards?
Yes, we offer are a variety of paper stocks/materials. Options include gloss, matte, coated, uncoated, silk, linen and texture papers/materials.
What is duplex/mounting on a embossed business card?
A duplex business card is when two paper stocks are pressed/fused together to create a double thick card.
What are the benefits of a duplex embossed business card?
Certain specialty printing processes (embossing, letterpress, foil stamping) leave an impression (logo/text) when pressed into the paper and a duplex card will hide this impression to create a smooth and flawless finish.
Do you offer specialty printing business card options?
Yes, we offer letterpress, embossing, foil stamping and thermography specialty options.
Can I color match to a specific Pantone color for my business cards?
Yes, we can match specific PMS colors for your brand/logo.
Do you offer round corners or custom die cut business cards?
Yes. Our minimum order is 500 cards per unique design.
Do you offer edge printing or edge foil stamping?
No. Edge gilding or printing is not a service that we offer.
Do you offer metal or steel business cards?
No. This is not a product that we offer.
Do you offer laser cut business cards?
No. This is not a product that we offer.
Can I supply my own paper for you to print my embossed business cards?
No. We cannot run any paper through our press that has not been sent directly from our paper-house. If there is a particular paper stock you are looking for, we can place a custom order for your cards.
My order is a rush, is a 24-48 hour turnaround possible for custom embossed business card printing?
Please contact us as soon as possible, so we can check with our production department. Please note, rush turnaround will be billed accordingly.
How can I make a payment for my embossed business cards?
We accept all major credit cards and company checks. Please note, a job ticket must be created and payment is required before we can start proofing/final production.
Can you ship paper/printed samples for my review?
Unfortunately, we can not send out paper/printed samples without a job ticket being generated into our system.
Can I schedule an appointment to review sample/paper stocks?
Yes, we can schedule an appointment for you in our Jersey City showroom/production facility. There you can review various printed samples, paper stocks, and consult with a production specialist. Unfortunately, we do not schedule production appointments in our Manhattan corporate offices.

History of Embossing

close up image of a highly detailed embossed paper

Embossing has a rich backstory that predates modern printing by many centuries. While today its most common form is a pressed into a disposible medium, the earliest attempts to add dimension to a flat piece of art dating back to prehistoric times, deep in the caves were the earliest bas relief etchings were discovered.

Nearly every major civilzation known to man would produce these same raised etchings to suit their beliefs and aesthetics. From Ancient Africa to the Mayan Empire and well into the New World, there's something about tactile graphics that has retained a timeless charm and attraction for human culture.

A Literal Brand

Included amongst our earliest traditions was the branding of cattle and animals. A person's initials or family symbol would be pressed into the animal's hide with a heated iron, leaving behind a raised monogram and unerasable marker of ownership. To this day the concept remains lodged in our vernacular, as modern day companies create logos and marketing campaigns designed to leave a similar psychological imprint on their audiences.

From Iron to Gold: The Age of Metals

Probably the most ubiquitous, and certainly most recognizeable form of embossing can be found in one's pocket. The first coins date back to 700BC when Lydian merchants (modern day Turkey) began producing the first metallic coins. Upon these coins was an embossed lion's head - a symbol of the King and the state's official adoption of the currency. The ability to shape metal with such precision would open all sorts of doors for this growing craft.

Embossing and Printing

Barely one century after Gutenberg first took printing from a little known craft to a world renowned industry, leading craftsmen were well on their way to discovering new specialties by adjusting heat and pressure when producing books. The earliest experiments were made on leather. Already long a part of the tradition, it was well known that anything burned into leather leaves behind a fine and durable mark. But what if you added just the right amount of heat, enough to swell the material without burning it?

This is exactly how embossing was invented in the context of printing. You could easily apply heat and pressure to leather or paper of a sturdier stock to expand where contact is made, without burning the material. This would leave behind a raised and uncolored impression, known in the world of printing as blind embossing. The technique would become so popular that printers combined it with other specialties in what is referred to as a registered emboss. Sometimes excess heat or pressure may be applied to leave behind a colored singe. This is known as scorching

The Rise of Tactile Status Symbols

Embossing and gilded foil stamping have enjoyed a long and fruitful partnership. Some of history's most timeless books, from the Bible to the Teachings of Confusius have enjoyed these bespoke touches, applied by the hands of master craftsmen. What was once a primal symbol of ownership now became a coveted art form, reserved for only the most special, influential or rare publications and artifacts. This idea would become further enforced when certificates, seals and historical documents would habitually use embossing as a hallmarks of authenticity.

Modern Day Embossing

With the industrial revolution, and followed by the conputer age, this once elite technique would become a lot more accessible for the masses. Innovations were made to produce even more detail and extra specialties like a multilevel emboss which creates a sculptural, three dimensional finish. At its heart though the process has remained rudimentary as ever. In this case it's computers controlling heat, pressure and timing to achieve just the right level of detail and finish to add that unmistakeably tactile appeal to business cards, greeting cards, invitation and bespoke stationery.

Featured Specialties


Letterpress is an ancient form of specialty printing, where extra pressure is applied, leaving a subtle impression of the chosen graphic or wordmark.


Thermography is a form of printing that utilizes heat-sensitive ink which expands on the surface for a classic, tactile finish.

Foil Stamping

Foil Stamping or Hot stamping is a specialty printing process that adds a metallic shine, using a variety of colors in both glossy & matte finishes.

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