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Wallpaper for Architects and Interior Designers

It’s hard to deny the vital role that wallpaper has played in the fields of architecture and interior design. Whether printed as a pattern or panoramic mural, few printed mediums can so effectively mark a space by era, theme or mood.

It is for this reason that many wallpapers reflect the aesthetic of their times, forming a historic bond of record that continues to this day.

Throughout this time, all three industries thrived and evolved. Architects got AutoCAD, interior designers got a plethora of mobile and desktop apps, and wallpaper printing went digital.

The latter was a big deal - eliminating much of the time/cost associated with its traditional form. What was once a painstaking craft of carving woodblocks or engraving plates, was now a simple matter of printing a file.

Printer technology wasn’t the only novelty, the wall covering materials were also upgraded over time.

A New Generation of Wallpaper

Assortment of vinyl wallpaper textures

We are certified providers of Dreamscape Walls, the industry leader in Type II Commercial Wallcoverings. We chose Dreamscape due to their commitment to quality, durability and the rich palette of textures they offer in vinyl wallcovering media.

Why Vinyl?

Rather than deal with the delicacies of paper, the industry has opted for a creative use of vinyl. Beyond its increased durability vinyl, can be embossed with a variety of textures to imitate more organic materials.

This innovation has afforded a unique advantage, especially for interior designers on a budget.

Leather Wallpaper

leather textured wallpaper

Why opt for leather, when you can print any design on matte vinyl with a leather finish? This is one of the reasons why our Cabretta Wallpaper is so popular with designers and architects alike.

Fabric Wallpaper

cross hatched wallpaper

Why pay extra for fabric, when you can simulate its texture with a more durable and moisture resistent substitute?

We currently offer simulations of Silk Wallpaper for a silk-screened effect, while Canvas, Artist Canvas and Ravello provide a tightly woven finish. There’s even an option to reproduce Suede for its lush appeal or Pique for a more knitted appearance. The above image shows Criss Cross which features a distinctive texture of crass hatched fibers for artistic appeal.

Paper Wallpaper (Traditional)

paper textured wallpaper

These are useful for recreating a vintage look. Pictured above is Mystical - one of our most popular products for its authentic looking texture and finish. Classic offers a smooth, semi gloss finish, which sacrifices some paper texture for saturated colors and a more uniform look.

Sandpaper Wallpaper

sand textured wallpaper

For graphics that would benefit from som additional grit, Bondi Sands is another popular choice. For more of a matte finish Caviar is another viable choice that fine to medium grit sandpaper. We also offer Sand Blast as a more coarse option.

Plaster Wallpaper

plaster wallpaper

For occasions where you want the wallpaper itself to disappear or blend with the wall, one can also opt for Plaster. It’s rough, organic finish makes a convincing visual effect of a wall that was hand plastered, then painted on directly.

Shiny Wallpaper

metallic silver wallpaper

Sometimes a wall should reflect as much light as possible. We offer everything from the subtlety of Satar Pearl with its luxurious, slightly irridescent sheen, to the full on shine of Gold Flash, Satara Pearl or Silver Flash (pictured above). For even more opulence Bling is another popular choice, with its texture of fine glass beads.

Experimental Wallpaper

deja vu wallpaper

Some materials and finishes defy categorization. Silver Odyssey combines a cross hatch texture with a silver finish to unique effect. Deja Vu (pictured above) allows you to print any design over a pattern of reflective fractal lenses. Brilliant takes the stipply surface of Caviar and embelishes it with metallic accents. Rave features a colorful and reflective pattern which responds to both lighting and viewing angle.

Floors and Ceilings

printing on floors and ceilings

Don’t let the term “wall”paper fool you. These vinyls can be installed anywhere, and have been thoroughly tested for moisture and slip resistance. Theoretically you could print the inner a custom design throughout the surface of an entire room.

Safety Concerns and Building Codes

Meeting codes and standards are the daily bread and butter of architects. Thankfully their greatest concerns, from fire safety, to air quality/emissions and durability have been addressed and thoroughly tested by third party agencies. You can read all about how our materials measure up to international standards on our Wallpaper Certifications Page


Wallpaper printing and wall coverings have both come a long way since their origins on paper. As we imagine the buildings and interiors of tomorrowm we find inspiration knowing that designers and architects can treat wallpaper with the same fluidity, power and wealth of options they’ve grown accustomed to.

About the Author

Joseph Gornail is a multimedia artist and fourth-generation print craftsman whose family has lived on the same block in SoHo for over 90 years. With an extensive background in photography, writing and creative direction, Joseph has a love of the arts and a proud New Yorker. When he’s not documenting city life or curating historic images for, he can likely be found sailing the New York harbor to enjoy his native city from a different perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Health & Safety Concerns

Are your wallpapers hypoallergenic, and how do they cater to individuals with severe allergies?

Our wallpapers are designed with health and safety in mind, catering to the needs of individuals with severe allergies, asthma or other respiratory ailments. By selecting materials that are less likely to harbor allergens, our products aim to create a safer, more comfortable indoor environment. Additionally, we ensure our wallpapers are resistant to mold and mildew growth, further supporting the well-being of sensitive individuals.

How do your wallpapers ensure indoor air quality is not compromised?

Maintaining indoor air quality is a paramount concern for us. Our wallpapers are characterized by low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, adhering to stringent guidelines for indoor air quality. By minimizing the release of these harmful compounds, our products help ensure a healthier indoor environment, conducive to well-being and comfort. Through rigorous testing and compliance with industry standards, we ensure that our products maintain VOC levels that meet or exceed regulatory requirements, offering a safer choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

Are there any chemicals or synthetic materials used in your wallpapers that might trigger allergic reactions?

We are dedicated to producing wallpapers that are safe and non-irritating for all users, including those with allergies. Our products are formulated without the use of harmful chemicals or synthetic materials known to trigger allergic reactions, such as formaldehyde, phthalates, and heavy metals. This careful selection of materials underscores our commitment to health and safety.

How does your wallpaper resist mold and mildew growth, ensuring a safe environment for sensitive individuals?

Our wallpapers are engineered to resist mold and mildew growth, an essential feature for ensuring the safety and comfort of sensitive individuals. Through the use of inherently resistant materials and treatments, our products prevent the adherence and proliferation of mold and mildew, thereby promoting a healthier indoor environment.

What certifications do your wallpapers have regarding environmental and health safety?

Our wallpapers are backed by rigorous certifications that attest to their environmental and health safety. These include low-VOC certifications, compliance with international toxicity standards, and certifications for mold and mildew resistance. Through these certifications, we demonstrate our commitment to upholding the highest standards of safety and sustainability in our products. All materials are perfectly suitable for healthcare facilities, nurseries, retirement homes or any other environment where health is a primary concern.

General Wallpaper Questions

Is there a minimum square footage?

Yes, we have 50 square feet minimum per order.

What are the most popular sizes?

The three most requested sizes are 100, 300 & 500 square feet.

What is the maximum width x height you can print per roll?

The maximum roll size wisummaryh is 52 inches wide by 360 inches in length.

How can I make a payment?

We accept all major credit cards and company checks. Please note, a job ticket must be created and payment is required before we can start proofing/final production.

What is the standard turnaround time?

Once final proofs are approved, standard production time is 5-7 business days. Please note, production time may change depending on our current press schedule and how many specialty options have been selected.

Wallcovering Material Concerns

What kind of wallpaper material do you use?

Our wallpapers are a non-adhesive, fabric backed vinyl material which is installable via traditional pasting methods. They are available in matte, gloss, semi-gloss or textured coating/finishing options. We also offer peel and stick wallpaper.

Can I pick my own design/image?

Yes, if you provide high resolution artwork, we can print your custom design.

Is the material durable and washable?

Yes, ordinary dirt and smudges can be removed from the surface with a mild soap and warm water.

Is the material removable?

Yes, our wall coverings can be removed. Please note, all surfaces must be primed with a drywall sealer and water based primer prior to installation.

Do you provide installation services?

Unfortunately, we do not provide or recommend installation services, however the following article is a useful guide for installers: How to Prepare Wall Surfaces

Wallpaper Sample Questions

Can I see sample before printing my project?

Yes, you can order a press proof sample of your custom artwork. We offer four coating/finishing options: matte, gloss, semi-gloss and texture.

Can I see a digital proof before final production?

Yes, our pre-press department will provide two rounds of digital proofs for approval prior to final print production. Please note, any additional digital proofs will be billed accordingly.

Can you ship material/printed samples for my review?

We can not send out material/printed samples without a job ticket being generated into our system.

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