About Our Wall Covering Materials

Our digital process works with a vinyl substrate which is treated to form a strong adhesive bond on primed surfaces, while delivering vibrant colors and durable, high resolution graphics.

Our wallpaper comes with installation-ready adhesive that is already applied on the backing – a protective layer that must be peeled before installation. We also stock traditional wall coverings without adhesive applied on the back.


Note: Contemporary wall coverings vary greatly, and what may be described as wallpaper may not actually be made completely from paper. Most wallpaper materials today are made of vinyl or latex coated paper which can be ordered in a variety of finishes (matte, gloss, semi-gloss, matte-texture).


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Get The Colors Just Right

Pantone colors & tints can be matched as closely as possible, once the corresponding CMYK values are submitted. Although we do not match live samples, photos of a sample may also be supplied and we can present several color samples to choose from.

Wallpaper as a Work of Art

Our fade resistant wallpaper provides endless possibilities for collages, decals, installations and set designs. Our material has been used productively by various artists as a creative medium.

Collage Art by John Fogarty Source

Print Your Own Custom Graphics

Personalize a wall using the images on your computer, phone or camera. Send us your graphics and we will print them in full color to fit any dimension. Note: The maximum printable area per panel is 52" x 360".

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Designed for Short & Long Term Installations

On a surface that is properly primed and sealed, our wall coverings can last for decades without peeling or fading - making it ideal solution for any space.

It is also used in galleries, museums and pop-up shops for temporary installations that are easy to remove without damaging any surfaces.

Please review our Wall Preparation Tips for more information.

High Resolution That Captures Every Detail

Whether it's a scenic panorama or decorative patterns, our 1440 pixel per inch resolution ensures that your graphics are clearly printed to the finest detail.

We also have an Epson 12" x 18" flatbed scanner which produces high resolution images from submitted wallpaper samples, patterns & photographs.

Please review our File Preparation Tips for more information.

Ecological & Environmentally Friendly

Our wallcovering media has a Class-A fire rating, is ecologically friendly and ensures air quality due to low emissions.

  • PVC free & Low VOC emission
  • Mold Resistant & Class “A” fire rating
  • No Lead, No Plasticizers, No Heavy Metals
  • Made of at least 31% recycled post-consumer waste

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Recreate, Redesign & Print Existing Wallpaper

We work with architects, interior designers and home decorators to match wallpaper designs, patterns and existing materials. Once a design budget has been approved, printing a sample press proof for your review is easy:

  1. Email a picture of the pattern/design to wallpaper@fineprintnyc.com
  2. Ship a physical sample for review and high resolution scanning.
  3. We redesign, retouch and print press samples for project approval.

Please click here to find more information on our wallpaper page.

NOTE: All Materials are Fully Compliant with Building Regulations.

Fire Resistant Promotes Air Quality
Vapor Permeable Tested for Durability
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